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Walk Fido at Mussel Rock

By Jim Currie
Pacifica Riptide

Unknown10 I have read complaints about too many dogs on our local beaches. When beaches are too crowded on weekends, perhaps dog walkers should find a more reasonable place to roam. Have any of you been to Mussel Rock? Where might that be, you ask? Google it and go check it out. This very well could be our own Fort Funston right in our backyard. There's plenty of space to roam and it's only half the drive to  Funston. The San Andreas Fault meets the Pacific Ocean at this spot. Check out the massive slide on the cliff. There's plenty to see for both you and the pup. The land is quite scarred from the old Ocean Shore Railroad tracks and other past uses, including ancient Indian shellmound and modern waste transfer station. but I am certain your pup won't mind. We don't have an official dog park here in town, but Fort Funston isn't an official one either. Go walk the dog at Mussel Rock, just please pick up after your pup.

Revised Version: Who's Making Mud Pies on Milagra Ridge?

P1010037P1010038P1010036_2P1010039Dan Underhill reports: "The guys who were driving the equipment on this job said it is only about getting rid of dirt. I thought it might be worthy of some investigation. It may be exactly what they said. I'm sure the bulldozed area was home to some critters, but it wasn't any kind of pristine native habitat. It had been disturbed before and much of the vegetation (if I remember correctly) was pampas grass. The pictures fail to convey how large an area got leveled." Incidentally, Pacifica Riptide awards Dan the Croix de Guerre and a Purple Heart for risking life and limb (well, limb anyway, due to poison oak) to get these exclusive shots for us.


Shop locally, help Pacifica economy and environment

Unknown6 We all need to make the conscious effort to buy the bulk of our purchases here in town.  We are too programmed to get into our cars and drive to the malls and shopping centers that we don't (thankfully) have. Yet, in doing so we fail to support our local businesses. If you make this effort, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you can find right here in Pacifica. Please support our local economy.   

Linda Barry

Hey Kids, This Card Could Save Your Life

Img_0394 Print these out and keep a couple in your wallet in case you meet kids thinking of joining the military. Tell them to keep it in their wallet in case they need it some day. In your print dialog box, select Page 1 of 1 first and print out 10 copies; flip them over and print the other side, selecting Page 2 of 2 and 10 copies. You have to cut them in half and trim.

[Provided as a public service by Steve Patton of Pacifica Peace People.]

Download accordion.GI_Rights.pdf

The Prospects Redux

Sunset Comment by Todd Bray

City Staff has recommended switching the general plan designation and zoning for The Prospects project on Fassler, recommending the open-space designation and low-density zoning be rearranged to accommodate the project. This solution was proposed by the City's legal counsel Tamra Galanter as a workaround solution to concerns about retaining open-space residential as part of The Prospects project.

The area currently designated open-space residential will be changed to low-density residential, and the area currently zoned low-density residential will be changed to open-space residential. These changes still require votes by the Planning Commission and City Council. In effect, the property designations and zoning have been flip-flopped to accommodate the project. This does not preclude the Planning Commission choosing to deny the project as proposed, but the item will need to be continued so that staff and legal counsel can make finding for denial to bring back to the commission. But it does remove a major hurdle to the project if the Commissioners and Council sign on to these changes as part of The Prospects project.

(Todd Bray is a member of the Pacifica Riptide grassroots collective and is a former Pacifica Planning Commissioner.)

Nancy Hall Sings on Neil Young's Protest Song Web Site, CD, and Concert Bill


Pacifica biodiesel advocate, peace activist, and protest  singer Nancy Hall has joined Neil Young's latest effort called Living with War, which consists of a CD and a Web site by the same name. Nancy and other singer/songwriters are featured performing antiwar songs of protest. Hall's video performance of “No Fighting” can be seen at Look to the left of the headlines. Click “videos,” then find and click “No Fighting—Nancy Hall.” Hall also just published her own band's Web site

Download NancyHall_05_09_07.pdf

(foto at left: Nancy Hall and Mike Tyler at a Curios concert in 2005)

Gray Whale, Calf Sighted Off Manor Beach

Pic09132_2 "Just off Manor Beach in north Pacifica last Sunday, a gray whale and a calf were spotted playing in the surf zone, not 50 feet offshore. 'They were there about 15 minutes, telescoping and tail slapping,' reported Tom Beans, who was one of the lucky ones on the spot to see the event. I've only seen whales playing along the back line of [the] surf zone twice." (Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle, "The Great Outdoors," 5-13-07)

The Wired Life: Visual Pollution in Pacifica Sky

Lindamarwires By Jim Currie
Pacifica Riptide

Will utility companies ever remove their view-blocking eyesores? Everyone agrees that telephone poles and electrical wires make a terrible foreground for an otherwise beautiful landscape. For example, 1,800-foot-high Montara Mountain can be seen from virtually anywhere in Linda Mar (Sun Valley). Yet our view of the beautiful mountain is blocked by the heavy concentration of overhead utility wires. I love this place and I would like to see a little more of it. The following link will bring you to PG&E's Web site describing the rules for such projects, but there must be other ways to achieve the goal of a wireless future:

Walgreens Plan: Drag Strip Nightmare

Manor_intersection_bridge_2 By Lionel Emde

(Bob Pilgrim's photo shows the affected intersection and surrounding traffic patterns)

Just a heads-up for people who use the Manor/Palmetto/Oceana bridge nightmare to travel on: You have until Monday, May 14, 2007 to comment on the draft negative EIR report for the proposed Walgreens drive-through drag strip drugstore at the former SeaVue cinema site. This document asserts that traffic at the bridge is acceptable and 1,223 new trips generated by a Walgreens won't make any difference in the traffic. It also states that 28 parking spaces are needed and that there will be only 15 spaces on-site. What hogwash! We need to demand a full EIR and some serious change in this plan. Email comments to: or call the Planning Dept. at 650-738-7341.

Here is the text of my letter to city planner Farbstein: "Table 3: Estimated Parking Demand states that 28 parking spaces will be required for this project. There are only 15 spaces proposed. Parking across one of the busiest streets in Pacifica isn't acceptable. Why isn't the planning department telling the developer that it will need to file for a variance on the parking requirements? Table 2: Intersection Level of Service is a flat-out lie. LOS B or C?! I walk that intersection every day and that's not true. The intersection is gridlocked three times a day: morning commute and school drop-off, afternoon school pickup, and evening commute. This sort of paid lying on behalf of the client has been seen before. One traffic engineer once said: "The intersection works well." Ask any local if that's true. Why is the city even considering worsening our lives with such an intensive project? Fix the traffic flow first. As for the nice words about how slowly people will drive in the drive-through passage behind the new building: Think about how people drive in general these days and tell me if that's true. This drive-through idea is ridiculous given the already horrible traffic situation. It needs to be eliminated from the proposal. The developer needs to do a full EIR, not this half-baked gloss-over.

(Lionel Emde is a member of the Pacifica Riptide grassroots collective.)

Gee, Thanks, I Guess...

Pacifica200k_2 From John Horgan's column in the San Mateo County Times

PACIFICA RIPTIDE — Another Peninsula blog has joined the
ever-expanding Internet roster. Whoopee. It's party time in the
electronic ether.

Pacifica Riptide has come online over the last few weeks. It's the
product of diligent Coastside folks who, apparently, have a particular
political bent. It's not entirely surprising.

Let's just say, if you are a property owner and have any capitalist
designs on developing your land, well, be prepared for some
interesting posts from the legions of those leaning pretty far to the
left and who seem to dwell in significant numbers on the western side
of the coastal mountains.

Sigh. Some things never change.

Locals Rally Against "Veto Corleone" Bush


Yesterday, Congress sent President "Veto Corleone" Bush a bill to start bringing our troops home from Iraq, and as expected, Bush vetoed the bill. Tonight, 40 local residents stood in a cold wind on Highway 1 and Linda Mar to protest the president's action. Most Americans support a timeline and the president is standing in the way. As Senator Russ Feingold recently wrote: “By carrying out his veto threat, the President will mark yet another sad day in the history of this war. But that veto should be seen as a rallying cry for the vast majority of Americans who believe that the time has come to stand up, and stand together, with one voice, and demand a policy that makes sense—one that puts our country and our national security first, that makes America safer, not weaker.”