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Lions_ngorongoro_crater With our muscle-bound governor building more prisons and cutting off the sick, poor, and elderly, we really should step up to support public education. But apparently only about a third of registered Pacifica voters bothered to mail in their Measure Q ballots to raise a few bucks for the schools. Of that measly third who voted, only three out of five approved the measure, not enough to make the two-thirds majority. This marks the triumph of ignorance and apathy over reason and civic responsibility. It is unconscionable that schools should have to scrimp and scratch for survival. All it does is guarantee that we eventually will need even more prisons to house all the victims of our declining educational system.


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I agree that it's a horrible shame that Pacifica schools are so underfunded, and (like a wide majority!) I supported Measure Q, but I heard from a lot of people who opposed it because they didn't think it was fair that Pacificans should have to pay extra taxes to make up for the fact that the state is cheating us.

Given that, and the fact that only about a third of Pacifica households have children, it's a testament to the generosity of Pacificans, not their stinginess, that the measure got as much support as it did. I think we should blame Prop 13 for requiring a supermajority to fund schools--that's just not right.

If you feel like doing something right now, go to www.donorschoose.com, select "SF Bay Area," and type "Pacifica" in the search field. This allows you to donate money directly to fund specific projects that Pacifica teachers need money for.

It is too bad that fellow Pacificans have to take the role of denouncing all of us that voted against the tax to support the schools. I freely admit that I voted against Measure Q - and I did it for a selfish reason too! I live in Rockaway and our streets have never been repaved [we have potholes galore] in the 10 years I have been here... Fassler is like a drag strip at all hours of the days [police are stretched too thin], and the enforcement of abandoned cars, dumping and noise abatement go unheard [no pun intended here]. Pacifica needs to look to itself and adjust some of its priorities... and while I love our schools - though I have no kids... it is hard to vote for something that doesn't touch my life day-to-day... and then see several other items that DO touch my life day-to-day go unattended. So please be aware that we who voted - did VOTE... and we're not all old crusty people out to spite all around us... we are also Pacificans who care... about lots of other things here!

Cheers -


Well, maybe it's because the school board made a strategic error in how they decided to run the campaign. After all, the majority of board members were first appointed midterm by the school board itself, then ran unopposed.

It's time perhaps to pay attention to the school board in much the same way we pay attention to City Council.

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