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Where Is City Oversight on Coastside Scavenger Overcharges?

Img_0635 The Pacifica Tribune reported that no audit of Coastside Scavenger for the years 1996-2000 is planned. According to a city official, the franchise agreement allows going back for an audit for five years only. When we know that in 1995 almost $100,000 in items to be charged to ratepayers were disallowed by an auditor, and in 2001-2006, items overcharged to ratepayers totalled $634,200, isn't anyone the least bit curious as to what went on from 1996 to 2000? When did the alleged illegal dumping of greenwaste begin? No one has asked that question.

Call your elected city council people and ask when they will ask for Coastside Scavenger to be audited for the years 1996-2000. We deserve an accounting, and the company's alleged misconduct should void any limitation on going back in the company's record. If your council person gives you any trouble on this question, ask him or her why the city did not exercise any oversight of Coastside Scavenger between 1995 and 2006.

—A concerned citizen


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