Window Shopping in Paris: If the World Could Vote
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Europe Hearts Obama


My friend from San Mateo who is now living in Paris sent these to me. She went to see "Being W" (advertising linked below) and needed to be talked down from the ledge by a compatriot (me) because the movie -- while a parody -- ignited her hatred for W all over again. She said European polls are strongly in favor of Obama 70% to 90%, depending on which poll you look at. The other day she was in line at a grocery store and a guy near her figured out she was American and said, "Oh, that George Bush! I hate him! I hope the black guy wins!" She was shopping the other day and saw in a kids' clothing store a long-sleeved shirt with Obama's image on it—Parisians have really embraced him. Can you imagine McCain's picture on a shirt for kids abroad? BEING W



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