Dia de los Muertos: A Celebration of Life
Foreclosure Watch: California Defaults Redline*

Reader Service: New Look on Recent Comments

Thanks to a suggestion from our stalwart contributor Lionel Emde, we have discovered a better way to present comment threads on topics of interest to you, dear readers. Now threads will start with the newest comments first, in descending order. We hope you find this new arrangement more to your liking. Our Typepad host is pretty user-friendly, especially for your non-techie editor, so keep those ideas flowing into our suggestion box in the top-left sidebar: EMAIL ME. But if you really want to press our Skinnerian lever and make us salivate, click the box on the top-left sidebar that says HELP KEEP RIPTIDE ALIVE.



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Many Thanks, Lionel and John

Way to go Lionel!! Much better.

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