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March 26, 2009


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I purchased a bag of the nantucket trail mix at my local sams club, have eaten the whole bag and not had a problem one except now I am unable to find any more because it has been recalled. :-(

I too have been very ill. Six weeks of vomiting, stomach cramps, fever, chills, and diarrhea. Two trips to the ER, my primary care physician, a gastro Doc, x-rays, ct scans, extensive blood work, urine analysis, an endoscopy and missed work.

I was at a loss as to the cause. We had gone out to eat and by morning I was ill. I had also opened the trail mix blend from Costco the same day we had gone out to eat. I was the only one sick and I was also the only one to eat the trail mix. A letter from Costco arrived and explained the recall that could cause Salmonella.

I contacted Back to Nature (as the recall letter explained) and spoke with Mr. Anderson in Consumer Marketing. He listened and then asked if I could PROVE that this product was the cause of my illness. (Did I have a stool sample?) I did not have proof and did not have a stool sample, so he advised that his company would not be responsible. I asked to speak to someone else and he offered another colleague. I refused another colleague and asked to speak with a supervisor. His reply was that She was out and would have to contact me on Monday.

I am ready for the company to continue to deny that their product caused my illness, but I am confident that it did. I will see what She (the supervisor) responds if and when she calls.

i got so, so sick off the trail mix i bought from Costco. I had no clue where it was coming from so i tossed all the wrong things into the garbage and continued to eat the mix. This resulted in a few days of being sick, bad like typical food poisoning. Next I contacted the manufacturer and they said there has been not one case of sickness reported yet. Well, I was reporting mine. I was told without proof from a doctor that this case is caused from this product and it will continue to show no reported case yet of sickness. I then asked next time this happens if I should go to the doctor so it can be a logged case of being ill, and if so will the responsible pay for the doctors bill? Going to the doctor is just the first step. They have to know exactly what was the cause of the poisoning, otherwise it's pointless. I am sure many people got sick like i did, but the company says not one person has. This is not fair. It's wrong the manufacturer will not listen to its return customers without solid proof from medical professionals. I would still have thought this was from the hummus i wasted down the drain if Costco never called. Thanks, Costco, for the recall call, that clears up that bellyache.

as it says on the post, contact the store where you bought it

My wife and I were both sickened by this trail mix. Costco did return our money (in cash) today in exchange for the empty bag.

What industry leaders don’t realize is that few chains know how their ready-to-eat product was handled within the distribution chain.

Many food retailers have for years demanded temperature data from their own food suppliers, but most neither preserve nor measure in their internal distribution chain.

Surprisingly, this case of foodborne illness is so likely to occur because it involves a food that is ready to eat, without preservatives, and not refrigerated anywhere in the food chain.

Being unrefrigerated also means that it is not tracked in the food chain and, as such, bacteria may reach dangerous levels without detection, recourse, or proof of where the seed or acceleration occurred.

Said another way, suppliers like Back to Nature can have reasonable levels of bacteria in their food and yet when you are ready to eat their product, the product may be at dangerous levels.

Retail chains must track the temperature of all foods going into their distribution centers as well as food on their way to stores. Refrigerated and nonrefrigerated as well.

Alan Camerik Heller "Rik"
Freshloc Technologies, Inc.

It's too bad this problem developed because I loved the blend. I didn't get any serious effects from eating part of the bag of Nantucket Blend Trail Mix but did experience some occasional stomach cramps and gas pains a couple of hours afterward. At first, I didn't relate the ill effects to eating the nuts. But I did notice later on that whenever I did eat more than a handful or two that I developed the same uncomfortable symptoms. This was before I received the recall notice. I also noticed that after I discontinued eating the blend, the ill effects stopped.
How do I get a refund on this purchase? And is there any plan to replace return the blend with a fresh supply. I liked them.

Back to Nature Foods is a subsidiary of Kraft Foods. According to Kraft Foods, the "manufacturer" of the trail mix (probably the packaging company, though I'm not sure of its linkage to Kraft), notified Kraft that its spot testing had revealed a positive result for salmonella bacillus on the pistachio nuts in the mix. The "manufacturer" contacted Kraft and the recall began on 3-25-2009. Kraft also sent an audit team to the California farm on which the pistachio nuts are grown and harvested. The nuts are also roasted there because the auditors observed a cross-contamination possibility between the unroasted nuts and the roasted nuts. It is unknown yet if the contamination that triggered the recall originated at the farm or in the manufacturing plant. As of this date, there are no reports of anyone becoming ill as a result of eating this product.

Several questions remain to be answered: What happens to the recalled product? You may remember, in regard to lead-base painted toys, that the toys were returned to China, where they were repackaged and shipped back to the U.S. and to Third World countries. It is one thing to remove products from a retailer's shelves, but what about the products that are in the hands of consumers? Is there a way to measure the effectiveness of the recall by measuring the amount or number of returned products from consumers? Do retailers facilitate these returns or do they discourage the process in some way? For instance, Costco, where I purchased my potentially toxic trail mix, insisted that I accept a store credit rather than the cash promised in their robo phone call. I refused and after they debated among themselves, they relented and gave me the cash ($10.14).

I fear that we've just begun to deal with the safety issues regarding the foods and products we purchase in the marketplace. Out-of-date, laissez-faire customs and policies will need to be revised to protect the public from harm. Too often, though not in this case, actual harm is the alarm that triggers the recall.

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