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June 30, 2009


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Mr Bell..I am trying to get a copy of the Police Report and try to figure out what happened..

I was aware that the containers were stolen, but I did not realize they were full of grease. I say good riddance, but this is considerably more than petty theft or a crime of opportunity. Given the logistics required to pull off such a heist, this must have been a coordinated effort. Is anyone bothering to investigate this crime?

"Mr. Bell, someone stole the containers with the grease. It was in the Pacifica Tribune Police Beat.

Now all of the containers at the Sharp Park Waste Water Treatment Plant are gone."

There's where the biodiesel movement's going; back into the garage where it belongs.

Maybe we can barter all that rancid french fry grease being stored at the old wastewater treatment plant for a salvager to come in and remove these ugly pipes.

Posted by: mike bell | July 02, 2009 at 11:03 AM

Mr. Bell, someone stole the containers with the grease. It was in the Pacifica Tribune Police Beat.

Now all of the containers at the Sharp Park Waste Water Treatment Plant are gone.

Mr. Underhill, I suppose a guy can go out there and measure with a yardstick, mark it with chalk, and cut it with a torch.

Mr. Rhodes was busy today so I am going to go talk to him about this next week after the 4th of July weekend.

A kid was fishing from the pipe today.

My friend's company is one of the biggest engineering companies on the West Coast. They just finished up work on the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge.

I would like it if the city Public Works Department can go out and just cut out the rusted portions of the pipe that are a safety and health hazard.

Maybe we can barter all that rancid french fry grease being stored at the old wastewater treatment plant for a salvager to come in and remove these ugly pipes.

No, Mr. Alex, I agree that these things should be removed, or replaced if they still serve any purpose however infrequently. My comment was more about some of the commenters who regularly fault the council for hiring consultants but would, I am positive, be equally quick to criticize them if they were to proceed, using their own judgment, with projects that required the kind of expertise that one can get only by hiring consultants. The glorious thing about criticizing from the sidelines is that one can paint the outcome of one's own idea (that isn't being used) as more glorious than anything that ever actually happens in real life.

If I got the go-ahead, I would sign any liability releases that the city might need and remove all but the concrete piers for free, some low tide. I don't have the equipment to remove the concrete safely, but the piers are less of a hazard than the pipe is. Besides, we could use the furthest pier (the one that would remain the most "attractive nuisance") to anchor a great bronze statue of the Goddess Pacifica, our namesake. What do you think of that??? Sorry, I get carried away.

Anyway, good luck with Mr. Rhodes and feel free to mention my offer. I will understand entirely if there are legal or other reasons why he can't take me up on it, but I suspect that I could get considerably more skilled professional help to do this job swiftly and safely than I would need from Riptide readers alone. I do know that cutting through the red tape, while it can make things happen with greater ease and speed in many cases, can also leave a politician or municipality exposed to possible liability problems if things don't go exactly as planned. It may be a problem that cannot be solved by such vigilante labor as I suggest, unless there are basic changes to our laws, but do mention it anyway.

I will get a buddy of mine to do it free if the city would let them..He would come in and do the whole job for free..cut up the pipe haul it away and be done in a couple days..

Mr Underhill, so you think these rusted out pipes, that are a health and safety concern are a good thing for Scenic Pacifica

People climb all over them pipes all the time..one guy was trying to fish off one the other day..

I went into City Hall today and missed Mr Rhodes..Will try again Thursday..

The rusty pipes don't really do a lot for "Scenic Pacifica"

Next step after the next step - "Let's come together as a community."

I can't help but wonder....

If the council were to spend what it would cost to remove the old outfalls, wouldn't some of these same people be stating the price of doing so in shocked tones over and over again, on riptide and in the Trib, and citing all the other wonderful or more sensible ways that the money should have been spent?

and then, "let's hire a consultant"

Next step, "let's form a committee".

More precise answer - "no grant money."

more complex answer "no will"

Simple answer. "No money".

I am going to go in and try to speak to Steve Rhodes today to see if they can remove the pipes..That is the last thing the city needs right now is another lawsuit..

I was looking at the rusty pipe over by Mori's Point one day wonder why the city would allow this eyesore in "Scenic Pacifica"

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