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If you find yourself traveling along the Mendocino County coastline having to choose between which battered-and-deep-fried restaurant you must settle on for lunch, try holding out for Fogeaters Market and Kitchen on the south side of Point Arena. You’ll find sandwiches, specialty salads, and baked goods that you would normally find only in the best cafes and restaurants. It is in an unassuming two-story Victorian painted a cozy shade of ocean blue with a patio deck and ample space for eating while viewing pastoral, oceanside scenes. Fogeaters is a tidy, well-stocked, gourmet, locally grown, organic grocery store with a small but surprisingly inventive and productive deli counter staffed by Executive Chef Kelly Hatcher Mellon, a native of Half Moon Bay. The counter offers a variety of sandwiches such as roasted apricot panini with slabs of Brie and caramelized onions, and ham and cheese panini, not your normal road stop fare, along with chicken salads and curries that do not use mayonnaise, that dreaded goo, as a base, but a pureed alternative of roasted eggplant, garlic, and onions. If you’ve ever wondered what the perfect thing looks like, what the most sensible yet exotic thing you could find on a road trip might be, or the most amazingly tasty treat you could ever have, it would be an “Egg in a Cloud.” It’s an egg cupcake. Using Kelly’s savory biscuit dough, the chef rolls it out thin and cuts pieces that are hand-pressed into cupcake trays, then adds a cracked egg to each, baking them as a unit. The egg stays whole, gently housed by the crispy biscuit dough. If you cut it in half, you would see a perfectly roasted free-range egg with a yolk, still moist and wrapped in perfectly cooked biscuit dough. I’m drooling just writing about it. Other notable items are the take-away grilled vegetables and house carnitas that you can buy vacuum-packed to cook at home or to take with you for a picnic somewhere farther down the road. Chef Kelly also makes spreads to go, such as her roasted fennel with garlic and Parmesan cheese, a tasty alternative to everyday hummus, which can be taken with any number of breads or crackers from the market.

Fogeaters Market and Kitchen
Highway 1
Point Arena, Mendocino County, California



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