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Help Consumer Federation Fight Budget Cuts

The governor just signed a budget that will devastate the lives of millions of vulnerable Californians while rewarding big business. This budget will deny hundreds of thousands of poor children health coverage. Funding for mental health, HIV/AIDS care, community clinics, and supportive services for frail elderly and disabled persons will be slashed. 40,000 young people will have the door to higher education slammed in their faces, thanks to planned enrollment cuts at California State University. UC and CSU campuses just hiked tuition by 20 percent, making college less affordable to the dwindling number of students admitted. Public schools and community colleges will be hit with $7 billion in new cuts. As working Californians face billions in higher sales tax and income tax rates, politicians granted big business $2.5 billion in new tax breaks in the past year. That's most of the money we need to preserve higher education in California. Big Oil will avoid any of the "shared sacrifice" even after making record profits last year. If California joined every other oil-producing state in imposing an oil severance fee, we would have more than a billion dollars in new state revenues. That's equal to 22,000 fewer layoff notices to classroom teachers. It will take a grassroots organizing campaign, not the failed politics of Sacramento, to restore tax and budget fairness. The Consumer Federation of California is working with progressive allies to place a measure on the ballot to repeal the new corporate tax loopholes. We are also committed to ending the two-thirds budget rules that give a small minority of extremist lawmakers the power to hold the budget hostage. Please contribute to our campaign for budget and tax fairness!

Richard Holober
Executive Director
Consumer Federation of California
520 S. El Camino Real, Suite 340, San Mateo, CA 94402, 650-375-7840


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