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The Metropolitan Transportation Commission's newly released Transportation 2035 Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area: Change in Motion is now available for viewing online, along with other companion technical reports: 2035 PLAN. The plan is a 25-year vision for a regional transportation system that bolsters our economy, safeguards our environment, and ensures equitable transportation access for all Bay Area residents -- while taking into account the changing environment around us. The 142-page document was developed over two years, with thousands of Bay Area residents providing input, and adopted by the Commission on April 22, 2009. To save costs and paper, MTC encourages you to view the plan online, but if you would like a printed copy, email library@mtc.ca.gov, fax 510-817-5932, or call 510-817-5836, providing the name of the document you are requesting, your name, and your mailing address. A new online tool is also available for those who want to learn more about projects and programs identified in Appendix 1 of the Plan. View the Online Transportation 2035 Project Listings Web site at: PROJECT LISTINGS


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Plan Bay Area is supposed to serve as a multi-decade regional plan to improve the reliability, accessibility, and affordability of public transportation in the Bay Area, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while overseeing smart growth to meet the demands of the area’s growing population.

The plan falls short of these goals. The plan does not spend enough on public transportation, and instead invests in building new highways. The current plan will result in more time on the roads and increased greenhouse gas emissions. The plan also fails to protect West Oakland and other vulnerable communities from the health effects of cars, trucks, ships, and trains that pass through their communities. The plan will also displace low-income people and residents of color from their communities.

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Learn more about why Plan Bay Area is not a good plan for the Bay Area: http://earthjustice.org/news/press/2013/community-groups-file-legal-challenge-to-bay-area-planning-agencies-for-a-better-smarter-growth-plan

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