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Ian Butler & The Fingerpullers: Fog Bless Pacifica


Local funny guy and Riptide regular Ian Butler performed at Fog Fest with his new band The Fingerpullers (Larry Arndt and Bill Oaks). They featured songs from Ian's Pacifica-centric CD Fog Bless Pacifica. Ian also hosts the new PCT Channel 26 talk show Wavelength on Mondays at 6 p.m., featuring local talking heads from the pages of the Pacifica Tribune and Pacifica Riptide.


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A fun thing to do is sing the lyrics to Pinball Wizard over the song Folsom Prison Blues, to get Folsom Pinball Blues, like so:

Todd is confusing the Fingerpuppets and the Fingerpullers. It's easy to do, for one thing, Bill Oaks is the bass player for both bands. Fun fact, if you listed every band in the history of earth alphabetically, these 2 bands would be next to each other! Other fun fact, it's a coincidence!

I heard them live at Ian's book signing. They played Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues with a French horn solo. Awesome.

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