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Mori Point Boardwalk Opens Up National Park in Pacifica

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The Mori Point elevated trail (above) and pond overlook are now complete. Thank you for your patience and support these past few months. It’s been a great project, and we’ve enjoyed sharing our time and work with you at beautiful Mori Point. In the next few months, we will install a few more benches and interpretive signage along the trail corridor, but most important, we need volunteers to help plant thousands of native wetland and coastal scrub plants in the areas around the new trail. These plants are essential to the diverse wildlife at Mori Point, providing food and shelter for frogs, snakes, lizards, rabbits, birds, insects, and other critters. If you are interested in helping with planting, click http://www.parksconservancy.org/help/volunteer/habitat-restoration-monitoring/park-stewardship-2.html or contact Price Sheppy at 415-561-3073 or psheppy@parksconservancy.org.

(The Mori Point Team: National Park Service [Golden Gate National Recreation Area--GGNRA], Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and community volunteers like those pictured below)



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This morning was my first chance to get an up-close look at the work being done there. I am quite impressed. It will provide entertainment, education, and recreation long into the future. The one and only suggestion I came up with on my walk is that the very well made steel sign about Mori Point history and flora and fauna, at the Mori Point end of the berm, won't last long unless it is protected. The metallurgy is such that some of it is already flaking off. There is a polymer on the market (I am failing to remember its name) that combines with rust and stops the action. The polymer needs to be painted afterward or it will wash away, but that is probably the most cost-effective way of preserving that very excellent sign.

The work isn't finished yet, but it is a most pleasant walk and worth a look at the work being done.

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