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December 08, 2009


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Craigslist killed newspaper ad revenues.

Clark, the property is behind Terra Nova's new football field and can be accessed from Everglades (the street Larry De Martini lives on) by turning down Picardo Ranch Road where it intersects with Everglades.

"Please place Millwood on a map to give an accurate picture of the location."

If you go to Google maps and type in "1 Picardo Ranch, Pacifica, California" you'll see where Millwood is.

The Chronicle says it showed a profit recently--by doubling the subscription rates!
Ad sales are no longer the "business model" by which they operate. Is that sustainable? We're not happy with their decline in quality.
Medianews (virtually every other paper in the Bay Area) has a huge debt that could wipe them out if their creditors yank their chain.
BTW, Trib editor E. Larsen promised this story will be in the Trib next Wed.

Please place Millwood on a map to give an accurate picture of the location.

Okay, a little off topic, but following Lionel's reply, I read yesterday that two newspapers are seeing signs of a turnaround in ad revenues. Maybe the general public has realized that instant "news" from bloggers is not always that reliable?

"How come the frog lovers aren't screaming about Millwood??"

It's got to come to public light before anyone decides what to say about it. This is why it's so dangerous that newspapers, as well as frogs, are endangered.

I love frogs - a lot of butter, a little garlic - excellent!

Are there frog lovers who aren't screaming about Millwood???

San Pedro Creek has a branch that flows right through Millwood Ranch, under Oddstad Boulevard, and into the main part of the creek behind Park Mall. How come the frog lovers aren't screaming about Millwood??

Pleading ignorance is not a defense.

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