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Pedro Point Headlands Volunteer Trailblazers


On the map below you will see the network that we have worked on since January, widening to make some trails accessible and closing duplicate spurs or steep ascents when necessary to aid habitat restoration on the cuts. For the sake of clarity, the trails have been given names (which can be changed at a later date with more input) so that we can pinpoint areas when talking with one another. Any of you who have helped up here know that this has been a big challenge. On June 27 we had an AWESOME work party (above) with 18 volunteers, including our youngest volunteer Jack, 10; our oldest volunteer (to date) Doretta, 80+; and birthday woman Deidra, who treated us to homemade birthday cake and lemon-pear bubbly! We had enough people to split into three teams:

Team 1 watered, weeded, and mulched around the 110 native plants that were planted for Earth Day. Susan Miller, native-plant specialist, thinks that all but 10 of the plants have survived. These can use water through the summer. If interested in watering them periodically, or even once a month, please let me know. I'll set up a watering schedule and arrange for a 50-gallon drum of water up there.  

Team 2 cleared and widened the middle ridge trail where it joins the arroyo trail, which was completely closed in for a pretty long stretch with pampas grass, pine, and coyote bush. It is now open if you want to walk a loop and not go out and back.
Team 3 forged to the northern edge of the headlands and installed signs on the bluff trail and north ridge trail to help people find their way to and from the "point" on paths we deemed most sustainable and gradual (whenever possible).
Once the work was done, all the teams joined back at the base and toasted with bubbly, enjoyed cake, sang happy birthday to Deidra, and reveled in a GREAT DAY.  
What's next?
  • widen western end of the arroyo trail
  • widen closed-in section of the bluff trail
  • water natives and check mulch
  • install more directional signage
NEXT WORK DAY, Sunday, July 25 at 10 a.m. Meet at Old Pedro Point Firehouse on Danmann Ave. to carpool up. Join us and bring your friends and family! Lots to do. Lots of memories to make, lots of fun to have. Let's do it together!


Pedro Point Headlands, Volunteer Coordinator
650.355.1668 Office
, 415.309.5856 Cell



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