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Headlines from Hell

Two of the worst headlines I have ever seen in one edition of a major metropolitan daily appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 26:

Suspect slain by police after wild car chase was man, 19

Thieves who looted poor's cash sought

Besides being in passive voice, both headlines are so poorly written that you can't tell what they are trying to say. The sad thing is that newspaper copyeditors supposedly are the ones writing the headlines.

Worse yet, the headline on big ads inside BART trains for the Babson College MBA program misspells San Francisco. Unforgivable!



Spokeo: Your Private Information May Be Public is a violation of privacy that needs to be stopped. Besides that, when I looked myself up, there were factual errors, so opting out is essential. A site claiming to know your net worth, your income, the value of your home, your marital status, etc., is bad enough, but getting it wrong on major issues could have effects that are really hard to predict. Please see the following:

Go to the Photo Album on ANTI-SPOKEO to receive a picture-by-picture walkthrough of how to remove your information from this harmful website. Do so at least once a year to make sure they do not repost you. Recommend to all your friends.

(Note: We at Pacifica Riptide know several people who have removed themselves from Spokeo, but you should be aware that even after opting out of Spokeo, much of your personal information is still easily attainable on the Internet for free or a small fee.)


Senator Yee Condemns Rush Limbaugh's Racism: More Than 7,000 Names on Online Petition

More than 7,000 individuals and organizations have signed an online petition posted by Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) on his website to condemn Rush Limbaugh for offensive comments he recently made during his radio program. The petition calls on Limbaugh to apologize for mocking Chinese culture and asks his sponsors to pull their ads. Several civil rights groups have joined Yee's protest. including California National Organization for Women (CA NOW), Chinese for Affirmative Action, Gray Panthers, Japanese American Citizens League, California Nurses Association, International Institute of the Bay Area, Marcos Gutiérrez Productions, Mission Beacon, Hecho en California Radio 1010, Zamboanga Hermosa Organization of Northern California, Filipino Californian Senior Citizen’s Society, Inc. (Fil-CA), and United Domestic Workers (AFSCME UDW). Other olitical leaders also have condemned Limbaugh, including Congressman David Wu, Congresswoman Judy Chu, California Assemblyman Paul Fong, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, and New York Assemblywoman Grace Meng,
After condemning the offensive comments by Limbaugh, Yee received death threats via racist, expletive-laden faxes that contained a graphic of an American flag adorned pickup truck dragging a noose. “We should never allow such racist vitriol to go unchallenged,” said Yee.  “It is unfortunate acts like these that demonstrate why we must continue to be vigilant against hate and intolerance.  These threats will not deter me and others from the work we are doing to embrace our diversity and help move our country forward.”
In addition to the online petition, Yee’s website lists companies that advertise on Limbaugh’s show, including Pro Flowers, eharmony, Onstar, CARBONITE, Inc., Sleep Number Bed, Sleep Train, Les Schwab,, The Shane Co., Domino’s Pizza, Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaners, Mid-West Life Insurance Company of Tennessee, AutoZone Inc., 5 Hour Energy, Blue-Emu, LegalZoom, Citrix Online (, American Forces Network, Mission Pharmacal Company, and Life Quotes, Inc.

Easing the Pain: Help the Arts While Paying Taxes

Arts lovers should keep "tax day" in 2011 in mind for a great way to help the arts in the Golden State. Californians interested in increasing funding for arts programs throughout the state now have a way to directly contribute to the California Arts Council through their annual tax refunds. The 2010 tax return form from the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) will allow California taxpayers to contribute part of their personal income tax refund to the California Arts Council and its arts programs for children and communities. The Arts Council is included on the 2010 "Voluntary Contribution" portion of the FTB tax return after the passage of SB 1076 in 2009 by Senator Curren Price. Individuals may make tax-deductible contributions in amounts of $1 or more. Arts supporters who use accounting services should reach out to their tax preparers and express their desire to contribute to the California Arts Council, and encourage others to explore the opportunity to support California arts as well. Californians and/or their tax preparers can find the location for the Arts Council Fund donation space on page 3 of the printed form, at line item "415" under "Contributions." The individual contributions are then calculated and noted on line item 110. The California Arts Council has arts programs for children and communities throughout the state through its programs, including Artists in Schools, State-Local Partnerships in the Arts (for local arts agencies), Creating Public Value in the Arts, and Poetry Out Loud. A full list can be found at Individuals interested in detailed information on the Franchise Tax Board's voluntary contribution portion of FTB Form 540 Individual Tax Return should contact Marilyn Nielsen, Deputy Director, at 916-322-6404 or  Suggestions and helpful guidelines will be forthcoming from the California Arts Council on how individual taxpayers can work with computerized tax systems to contribute to the Arts Council Fund as the information becomes available. For more information on the California Arts Council and the arts programs and organizations supported by the agency, please go to

POST's Audrey Rust to Retire July 1

After 24 years as president, CEO, and executive director of Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), Audrey C. Rust announced January 25 that she will retire on July 1, 2011. The POST Board of Directors named Walter T. Moore, currently executive vice president, to succeed her. POST is one of the most significant organizations affecting the course of development on the coast.


On Parle Francais Ici

Most political leaders struggle to speak fluently in a foreign tongue. Only the exceptional manage to mangle their own. Step forward France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Last year, in a written parliamentary question, François Loncle, an opposition deputy, said the president “mistreated” the French language with his endless grammatical slips and “vulgar expressions”. He urged the government to “take all necessary steps” to put an end to the president’s “attacks on the culture of our country and its reputation in the world.”

...In France, however, a nation defined in part by its language, the purists have been aghast. The Académie Française was set up in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu to codify and regulate the French tongue. In the year to April 2010 the language police from the Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority checked 36,000 ads for proper use of French, and ordered 919 corrections.

In recent months, in line with a more presidential tone, Mr Sarkozy has made more of an effort. In a televised interview in November, after he reshuffled the government, he even nailed the fiendishly difficult imperfect subjunctive: “J’aurais aimé qu’il restât” (I would have liked him to have stayed).

Mr Sarkozy is not the only French politician to wrestle with the language. Some fail to make adjectives agree with nouns, or conjugate verbs improperly. Others simply slip up while their minds are apparently elsewhere. Brice Hortefeux, the interior minister, recently referred to “génitales” (genital) rather than “digitales” (digital) fingerprints. And in a discussion about the economy, Rachida Dati, formerly justice minister, coolly said “fellation” (fellatio) instead of “inflation”.  (The Economist, January 13, 2011)

KDFC Classical Music Radio Goes Noncommercial

This is an exciting time in KDFC's history. The station is changing from ad-supported commercial radio to listener-supported public radio. The University of Southern California, which operates Classical KUSC in Los Angeles, has entered into an agreement with Entercom Communications that will preserve KDFC as the classical music station in the Bay Area.

KDFC will be moving down the FM dial to broadcast over two non-commercial signals immediately: 90.3 in San Francisco, and 89.9 in the North Bay. The station will be heard on 102.1 only until noon on Monday 1/24/2011. The new signals will have minimal reception south of Oakland and San Francisco for now, but will continue to be available over the internet at The new KDFC has already begun to look for new signals to offer reception in the South Bay and the entire Bay Area for our around-the-clock classical programming.

We are happy to let you know Dianne Nicolini, Hoyt Smith, Rik Malone, and Ray White will continue as your on-air hosts, and KDFC's partnerships with the Bay Area arts and culture community will continue to grow and thrive.

KDFC is the last major commercial classical station in America to make the transition to public radio. This move ensures that classical radio is sustainable for our community into the future. Since 1947, Bay Area classical fans have shown their passionate support for KDFC. Now more than ever, we're grateful for that support as we begin the new era of Classical KDFC. Comments can be made to, or by phoning 415-546-8710. If you'd like to send a check as a Founder for the Future of KDFC, please send a check to:

The Classical Public Radio Network
201 Third Street, 12th floor
San Francisco, CA 94103


Bill Lueth
Vice President
Classical KDFC

Popular Mechanics: Pacifica Garage Art (Truck)

Marley working on truck 001
Exploring Pacifica on foot, we always stop to admire the tidy suburban garages, their doors wide open, their
occupants busy with projects in wood and metal, their tools and things neatly arranged on shelves and hooks. These would make fascinating pictures to post here on Riptide. Anyone want to photograph local mechanics, carpenters, and do-it-yourselfers doing their thing at home? We can't make you rich, but we can make you famous. Click the link on our top-right sidebar to email jpegs to us. Above is our first submission (photo caption below):

"My daughter Marley working on her 1935 Dodge truck project. She is using a Mig welder to box the frame rails. She hopes to have it on the road by the time she gets her license in a couple of years." (Matt Fuentes)

Unusual Uses for Cooking Spray
Since it hit the market in 1959, cooking spray has evolved into a kitchen cupboard staple. But if you're only spritzing this stuff to cut calories or prevent food from sticking to pans, you're missing out on a valuable household tool. Yep, the same stuff you use to make breakfast in the morning can help you shovel snow in the afternoon and unstick a door lock that night. Read on for the many ways cooking spray can make your life a little easier, including bicycle chain and wetsuit lubrication.

Laguna Salada: The Not-So-Great Salt Lake


Re the Sharp Park post below: What came before the "before"? Golf course advocates have been relying on the name “Laguna Salada” to make the argument that the area was always a salt marsh environment, and thus in a biological sleight of hand the golf course and the berm are what brought frogs and snakes to the site. It is this fundamental error, using the start of the golf course as the baseline for the biological morphology of Laguna Salada that undermines their argument.

It is easy to dispel the golf facilitation mythology by looking at the available historical, ecological information. Laguna Salada in its natural state is very similar to Lake Merced, Rodeo Lagoon, Abbot’s Lagoon, and Pescadero Marsh, which are all coastal lagoon systems that experience limited saltwater influx as a result of winter storms, but which are primarily influenced by the freshwater streams that feed them. We know this to be true from the earliest 1869 U.S. Coastal Survey maps of Laguna Salada that show the “tule” symbol and not the salt marsh symbol. Since tules (cattails) can exist only in freshwater, we can readily understand that the historical environment needed to support the snakes and frogs existed long before the golf course, so it is a reach to believe that the snakes must have migrated over because of the golf course. But why believe an old map when you can believe your own eyes. Above is a picture of the pre-golf course days, and lo and behold, in the foreground  are tules indicative of freshwater.