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Boston Bill's Cheesesteak & Chowder House Coming Soon to Rockaway Beach


A sign in front of the old Kentucky Fried Chicken shack on Highway 1 in Rockaway says Boston Bill's Cheesesteak and Chowder House is coming soon (see Tom Sullivan's photo above). Scroll down and click Comment if you know anything about Boston Bill's and to see what others say. Frankly, we find it a bit odd to pair Boston with cheesesteaks, since they are mainly associated with Philadelphia, but what the hay! Could this be a "sign" that Barry Swenson Builder's offer on Rockaway Quarry is creating new interest in midtown business development? We await further word from the Rajah of Rockaway. Meanwhile, enjoy a couple more Tom Sullivan snapshots of construction inside the new Boston Bill's (below).



Paul Krugman: Trains Are the Only Way to Fly


(This comment is from the blog of Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist, Princeton University economist, and Nobel Prize winner. He is responding to conservative commentator George Will, who describes passenger train riding as "soulless collectivism.")

--- A bit more on this subject — not serious, just a personal observation after a long hard day of reading student applications. (My suggestion that we reject all applicants claiming to be “passionate” about their plans was rejected, but with obvious reluctance.)

Anyway, my experience is that of the three modes of mechanized transport I use, trains are by far the most liberating. Planes are awful: waiting to clear security, then having to sit with your electronics turned off during takeoff and landing, no place to go if you want to get up in any case. Cars — well, even aside from traffic jams (tell me how much freedom you experience waiting for an hour in line at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel), the thing about cars is that you have to drive them, which kind of limits other stuff.

But on a train I can read, listen to music, use my aircard to surf the web, get up and walk to the cafe car for some Amfood; oh, and I’m not restricted by the War on Liquids. When I can, I prefer to take the train even if it takes a couple of hours more, say to get to Boston, because it’s much higher-quality time.

Yes, your choices are limited by the available trains; if I wanted to take a train from beautiful downtown Trenton to DC tomorrow, I’d be restricted to one of 21 trains, leaving roughly once an hour if not more often, whereas if I wanted to drive I could leave any time I wanted. Big deal.

And don’t get me started on how much more freedom of movement I feel in New York, with subways taking you almost everywhere, than in, say, LA, where you constantly have to worry about parking and traffic.

So if trains represent soulless collectivism, count me in.

It's Winter, Buddy: It Ain't Over Till It's Over

It may be spring according to the calendar, but in San Pedro Valley County Park in the back of Linda Mar, winter is still alive and well. As of March 26, the rain gauge was showing nearly 49 inches of precipitation, and the rainy season runs until June 30. The park is already famous for Brooks Falls, which is a torrent right now, but check out the little brooks surging with runoff all over the park. To walk through there is a symphony of water music.


Animal Planet: San Pedro Valley

On a rainy day in San Pedro Valley County Park, I was approaching the farthest bridge over the creek's middle fork, when three enormous wild turkeys came in for a landing, flaps down. Pretty impressive wingspan. They strutted around in the grass, pecking for food.

Off in the distance I saw what looked like the face of a mountain lion hiding in the tall grass, and I felt a little nervous until I refocused and saw that it was the rear end of a grazing deer.

Having had my fill of wildlife sightings for one day, I headed home to see what the Riptide menagerie was up to.


For Your Consideration: Terry Nagel, Candidate for San Mateo County Supervisor

Since we have no structured process for making political endorsements, we prefer to pass along useful information to our readers and let them make up their own minds about candidates and issues. In this spirit, we introduce Burlingame Mayor Terry Nagel, running for San Mateo County Supervisor. (Full disclosure: John Maybury and Terry Nagel used to work together on the editorial staff of Forbes ASAP magazine.)

Download Nagel Bio Fact Sheet 06Mar2011

Download Nagel Form

Florey's Bookstore: "Cancer on My Mind"

Florey's Books recently welcomed local author Walter Kornichuk to read and discuss his book Cancer on my Mind. The author says his book "is atypical among nonfiction brain tumor survivor books because it is narrated by a talking tumor that I battle for my survival. Applying a cancer patient versus brain tumor (man against himself) approach to surviving a brain tumor enabled me to learn about my enemy, apply a 'never give up attitude' to try to defeat it, and provide insight into what a cancer patient deals with mentally and physically. The book is unique and worthwhile because the tumor dialogue is outrageously funny, bringing humor to a life-and-death struggle that has touched the lives of many Americans."

In 2000, Kornichuk was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given a 40 percent chance to survive five years. He is happy to celebrate his 10th year of cancer-free living. He has been a volunteer for the National Brain Tumor Society-Patient and Caregiver Support Network since 2006. He is lead transportation security officer for a private aviation security company at San Francisco International Airport. For more information, please visit his sites:

And be sure to watch his music video and trailer for the book:


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