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Oceana's Great Blue Heron Hunts Gophers

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron (1)

Great Blue Heron (2)

Around Oceana High School, a great blue heron stalks, catches, and eats gophers. I tried to capture the drama with my trusty Blackberry, but I couldn't get close enough for a good shot. So I put out a call for help, and Lee A. Haynes sent me his jpegs (above) and his Flickr photo stream, including the heron and several nice surf shots (click link below).




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Put me in for a witness to this GREAT blue heron and it's gopher-gulping ways. It was quite impressive how he(?) had the varmint in his beak, shook it, then swallowed it whole. Good job, Blue!

As we were driving by, we did see the Great Blue Heron with something in his mouth, but Lee wasn't able to get a picture of it. I do believe he was dining on gopher, though!

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks, Kelly. I saw him catch one and shake it a few times, then swallow it.)

I need one for my backyard; the ferals do a lousy job!

BTW- this raises the bar for the neighborhood cats!

I saw this gorgeous bird near the tennis courts and I could not figure out what it was hunting for. You have solved that mystery! My favorite bird- the GREAT Blue heron!

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