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Mike Vasey Receives Open Space Hero Award

Noel Blincoe writes: "Mike Vasey is an outstanding selection for this year's Open Space Preservation Award. It's amazing how much he has contributed to the community and the environment." Here is a draft of the proclamation that Mayor Mary Ann Nihart read at City Council on April 25:
The annual Open Space Preservation Award is granted in recognition of individuals and/or organizations that have made an outstanding contribution toward the preservation of open space in the City of Pacifica.



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I don't know Mike well, met him a couple of times, but I was impressed by him. He seemed like a guy who knew what he knew but was open to others. He didn't seem to be full of himself and I saw that people I did know looked up to him. Perfect choice.

I was very pleased to see the excellent article in the Pacifica Tribune last week about Mike Vasey receiving the Open Space Hero Award. I cannot think of a single individual who has contributed more to acquiring and preserving open space here in Pacifica than Mike Vasey. You can look in every direction here on the coast, from the beaches to the ridgetops, and see all the natural open space that Mike has been deeply involved in preserving. He is a true environmental hero. I would like to suggest that before Pedro Point Headlands is turned over to GGNRA that the north ridge of the headlands be named Vasey Ridge to honor Mike and his incredible efforts. Thank you, Mike, for saving all of this land here on the California coast for all to enjoy and for future generations.

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