Self-Published Novelist Gets Bad Review, Goes Ballistic
Animal Farm


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There are so many interrelated misstatements about the past and unsupported assumptions about the future in the article that one would have a difficult time knowing where to begin to sort it out. This entire tempest about the soon-to-be-abandoned highway in the area of Devil's Slide and the stupefying muddle over the crossing near the south portal of the tunnels is yet another result of unchecked urbanized and urbanizing mind-sets turned loose on a non-urban place. Given the ongoing and seemingly intractable foolishness dominating the entire tunnels/Devil's Slide conversation and planning thrust, the current lack of money can only be considered a *good* thing for the environment. If ever there were an example of the loose principle that the amount of environmental damage done by development is proportional to the amount of money spent on development, it would be the first couple of miles of coast along Highway 1 south of Pacifica.

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