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Pacifica Beach Resort Update: Peruvian Cuisine, Hotel Upgrades

I still miss the wind-swept cypress trees and the old yellow surfer house on the bluff at Crespi and Highway 1 but over time have gotten used to the sight of the mostly empty Pacifica Beach Resort that was erected years ago on the site. Now the Pacifica Tribune reports that the hotel is under new management and that a Peruvian restaurant opens there soon. After all the starts and stops in that space, I look forward to trying the newcomers' fare.

John Maybury, Editor and Publisher

P.S. I have been in touch with Chris Porter at the Chamber of Commerce about problems at the Pacifica Beach Resort. Here is her update on meetings she had with the new management: "We had a meeting the end of last week with Tania, the onsite manager. She told us that in the winter months half of the complex would be closed down and new carpet and furniture brought in. Tania said the restaurant had been 'leased' and would be opening before the end of August. We urged her to make sure the restaurant was open no later than two weeks before the FOG FEST so she could work 'the bugs out' before the crowds hit town. The paper today seems to say the same thing and by the way the Chamber urged the management to put some article in the TRIB. The current restaurant being closed means that any food they serve for the 'buffet breakfast' must be completely wrapped so the pastries are all sealed in plastic and the juice, milk and breakfast sandwiches have to stay in their containers until people open them to eat. These are health code regulations because a restaurant is not onsite. I will try to put a note on YELP from the Chamber saying we were concerned about the recent posts and have been working with the complex to address issues being brought up."

Police Call Off Search for Missing Pacifican; Investigation Continues

Pacifica police have called off the search for a missing Pacifica senior citizen, but our sources say the investigation is ongoing, including suspicious circumstances and a possible person of interest. The missing woman is a  76-year-old Caucasian named Maria Jansen (see flyer below), brown hair, brown eyes, 5'5", 100 pounds, wearing yellow Crocs (slip-on gardening shoes). Please notify police at 911 if you know her whereabouts, and also notify us here at Pacifica Riptide if she is found (click our Comment button below). Maria was last seen in Park Pacifica, and was known to walk trails in the area. On July 26, police searched on foot along San Pedro Creek in Linda Mar. Police robo-calls, email alerts, and search plane flyovers were used to no avail.

Jansen 10-65 flyer

Sign This Petition to Get Fireworks Off Our Beaches

Move fireworks off our beaches, where the debris pollutes the ocean and harms marine life. Move fireworks to a safe place where they can be cleaned up afterward. Please sign and share this online petition:

Click to Sign Online Petition

If you prefer to collect signatures from your friends and contacts on a paper copy, let me know. I can send you a hard copy (Word document).

L Y N N . A D A M S
President, Pacifica Beach Coalition
650-355-1668 Office
415-309-5856 Cell

Wavelength: Ian Butler Interviews Marine Mammal Rescuer Sue Pemberton

20120510_6933.2Paul Donahue photo

On PCT 26's award-winning TV show Wavelength, genial host Ian Butler interviews community movers and shakers. Watch past shows online anytime at:

Wavelength Archives

Ian interviews Sue Pemberton, longtime marine mammal rescuer, on why she thinks Pacifica should outlaw fireworks on the beach. View this program online anytime:

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San Mateo County Survey: Which Outcome Is Most Important?

Your help is needed to set the course of our community. Local governments across California are facing rising demands for services, while resources to meet those demands are diminishing. At a time like this, which priorities should our civic leaders set for our community? You can answer that question by taking a brief survey that asks: Which outcome do you believe is the single most important for us as a community to achieve? You can also tell us how you are willing to help achieve these important community goals. The simple online survey is available here:

Click to Take Survey

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors will use the results in setting future priorities. Please look for the results of the survey to be reported soon:

Click for Board of Supervisors

Thank you for your participation. Any questions, please contact me directly. As always, your great assistance is appreciated.
Supervisor, San Mateo County

Dog Daze 2012: WOOF!



Marisa Ryan photos

Thanks to POOCH for another great Dog Daze. Here are the contest winners:

Best Kisser: Jane with her owner Cindy
Cutest: Joey and Katie with their owner Patrick
Best Costume: Jockomo with owner Amelia Averett-Taylor
Best Trick: Abby with owner Becky Howarth
Best Howler: Abby with owner Becky Howarth
Lookalike: Abby with owner Chloe Howarth

Judges: Mary Ann Nihart, Susan Vellone, John MayburyLeashbanner

San Mateo County Growth Industries: Technology and Agriculture

San Mateo County may be best known for growing top companies in social media, finance, and biotechnology, but Brussels sprouts and flowers play a significant role in the local economy, too. According to the 2011 Agricultural Crop Report, the county's total agricultural production topped $137 million for the year, down 4.7 percent from 2010. Full news release and link to the crop report:

Click for Details

Record Your Favorite Radio Shows (Music or Podcasts) Online

Our goal is to make radio shows available whenever you have time and wherever you want to listen. We've learned that recording from thousands of different stations is much more complex than imagined, since there's enormous variety in station broadcasters, and even simple things like show listings change constantly. Your support and feedback over the past year as we built the first-of-its-kind DVR for radio service has been tremendously helpful in improving the service. Listening to your recordings on a PC at is only the beginning. Recently, we made it possible to download shows directly to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This week your recordings can be played on a Sonos wireless hi-fi system, making it easier than ever to listen to your shows in any room of your house.

Here's how you can help: Invite others to try One way to do this and promote your favorite radio shows is to add a Fan button to your website. If you don't have a website, you can simply tell others to visit to record their favorite radio shows. Help improve our guide by making corrections or additions. Nearly 20,000 shows are now available for recording, and our station guide keeps growing and getting more accurate thanks to user submissions (similar to Wikipedia). If you see anything that needs correcting, click Change the Guide link on the bottom of any page of You can also add your favorite podcasts to the guide if they're not already in there, so all your audio is in one library. Sign up for a Pro account for $39.95 a year. is not profitable and your financial support is important to us continuing our mission.

Michael Robertson, CEO

P.S. We're beta-testing playing recordings on Android, iPhone, and iPad in a mobile-friendly layout using the built-in web browser. If you've got a smartphone or tablet, please give this a try by going to on your device. Let me know how it works.

Devil's Slide Tunnels: Will They Save You Time?

This morning I attended a briefing about the Devil's Slide Tunnels presented by Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Charise Hale McHugh. I found her comment interesting that although the mile-long tunnels are the first to be built in California in the past 50 years, any notion that they will be timesavers is one of perception. She noted that not only are they replacing a two-lane road with a two-lane road, but also that the time it takes her to drive the coast road from portal to portal is 90 seconds. (And no traffic light at the south end!)

Alan Wald