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Another Good Guy Gone: OK Liquor Store

Jim Wagner reports the sad news that the gentleman known to us only as Steve, the owner of OK Liquors in Park Mall, Linda Mar, died of a heart attack on November 18. When Steve was stricken at his store, paramedics came and rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late. He was gone.

I had bought lottery tickets from Steve over the years and always had pleasant conversations with him. We usually talked about things at Park Mall, particularly the bad actors who vandalized and shoplifted from his store. I mentioned these incidents in my Pacifica Tribune column, and Steve always thanked me for trying to help him. He always mentioned my column whenever I saw him.

Jeff Bagshaw, who had known Steve since the store opened in 1984, says that Steve's wife returned to Korea about five years ago. Steve's sister has been helping run the store since then. Still no news about whether the business will remain open.

Farewell, Steve, rest in peace. Your customers and friends miss you.

John Maybury, Editor & Publisher


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Not to mention the trash:

One of the results of us having some of the highest trash rates in the county (Recology, as of November 2015) is that we get a lot of dumping, both in Pacifica at any unattended dumpster, couches and old dryers at the Community Center, and whole truckloads just outside of Pacifica in unincorporated San Mateo County.

As for the OK Liquor store, it was statistically a good neighbor, averaging 7% to 9% (1/11th or 1/14th) of the arrests of either 7-Eleven in town.

Pacifica Park Mall:
Please help remove the vehicles parking for weeks at a time and living out of the vehicles at the Park Mall, specifically behind Allusions barber shop and City Grill. The "Cabinet-Plus" truck has parked there for the past two weeks; this same vehicle was parked at the Linda Mar park & ride and on Crespi Blvd.

Thank you for your assistance to help keep our community safe and clean.

Your local resident and neighbor.

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