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Chiasmus and Verlan: Wordplay for a Lazy Day

chiasmus |kīˈazməs|noun:  a rhetorical or literary figure in which words, grammatical constructions, or concepts are repeated in reverse order, in the same or a modified form; e.g., "Poetry is the record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds." DERIVATIVES: chiastic |kīˈastik|adjective. ORIGIN: mid-17th century (in the general sense "crosswise arrangement"): modern Latin, from Greek khiasmos "crosswise arrangement," from khiazein "mark with the letter chi," from khi "chi."
Also see "verlan": French wordplay reverses syllables, so pigeon becomes geonpi, etc.

Public Calls for Highway Hearings Fall on Deaf Ears

Pacifica City Council had Highway 1 on its March 25 agenda but could not decide whether to sponsor a public hearing on the highway widening before Caltrans releases its final environmental impact report in late May.

Concerned Pacifica residents have been asking the City Council and Planning Commission to hold public hearings on Caltrans' proposal to widen the highway through the heart of town, especially because so many cheaper and smarter alternatives exist, including high-tech traffic light timing and synchronization.

For information on widening alternatives, contact:

Hal Bohner, 650-359-4275

Tom Edminster,  650-248-3077

Click these links for more information:  

Letter to Pacifica City Council

Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives

Visit PH1A's Facebook Page

City Council Fumbles on Drive for Highway Hearing

By John Maybury, Editor & Publisher

After two hours of public comments for and against a community hearing on the highway widening, Pacifica City Council on March 25 could not muster an up-or-down vote on the matter, as one motion after another failed.

Several opponents of the widening walked out of the council meeting expressing disgust with the council's inaction and ineptitude on an important issue that divides and roils the community.

In two months, Caltrans delivers its final environmental impact report (FEIR) on the highway-widening project, so the council's failure to call a public hearing means that technical alternatives to the widening and public concerns about "collateral damage" from the widening may not be addressed in time.

Stay tuned to this space for details on what widening opponents and proponents plan to do next.

Pilot Projects: Aviation News from Evan

I'm just writing to say hi and to tell you I'm looking forward to getting back out to air shows and doing
lots of aviation stuff this year. High school has been great and I really like it, but there is a lot of work and doing two sports, cross-country and track, means I don't have much free time. I am still going to drag my dad to lots of airshows! I also want to get going with more interviews, so if you have some cool story or know someone who would make a great interview—tell me!

I also want to tell you about this amazing woman Jessica Cox who I really hope to interview someday. My friend Nick Sparks is a filmmaker who did that awesomely great Emmy Award-winning documentary The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club: PANCHO BARNES

Well, he's doing another documentary about Jessica Cox. You can learn all about Jessica and the project Nick is working on: RIGHTFOOTED. Her story is absolutely amazing. I donated $100 to help make it all happen and I really hope some of you can, too. Hope you're having a great 2013 so far!


City of Pacifica Releases Police Outsourcing Report

By Lionel Emde, Riptide Correspondent

The City of Pacifica has finally released the report on police outsourcing from the illegal July 11, 2012 meeting that I attended. I don't know why they have done it now; maybe the DA's office has brought pressure to bear, but I've had no response from their office.
PROJECT REPORT Pacifica Police Contracting Proposals Analysis 3 28 13

Steamroller: Democracy Gets Run Over on Highway 1

Here is the staff report from the June 25, 2012 Pacifica City Council meeting, laying the groundwork for bypassing the Planning Commission and the public to allow Caltrans to proceed with widening Highway 1 unencumbered by such annoying details as community input and technological alternatives to widening:

Staff Report 6-25-12
steamroller |ˈstēmˌrōlər|
a heavy, slow-moving vehicle with a roller, used to flatten the surfaces of roads during construction.
• an oppressive and relentless power or force: victims of an ideological steamroller.
verb (also steamroll ) [ with obj. ]
(of a government or other authority) forcibly pass (a measure) by restricting debate or otherwise overriding opposition: they would have to work together to steamroller the necessary bills past the smaller parties.
• force (someone) into doing or accepting something: an attempt to steamroller the country into political reforms. (NEW OXFORD AMERICAN DICTIONARY)

JAC Closes @ Fairmont Shopping Center


Riptide reviewed JAC on February 10, 2011 (see below). Sorry to hear it has gone out of business.

We highly recommend this place. We checked it out today while waiting for an alignment at Sanford Firestone next door. The food is delicious, the price is right, and the people are very friendly.

Tasting Table SF says: "...Juan dela Cruz Asian Cuisine (J.A.C.), home of some of the finest Filipino food in the Bay Area. J.A.C.'s chef Leo Trinidad was trained in classic French technique and spent years working on a cruise liner. In J.A.C.'s stationary kitchen, he refines his home country's multifarious cooking, which borrows from Chinese, Malaysian, Taiwanese, and Spanish traditions. So alongside age-old Filipino recipes like sinigang and pata, Trinidad also plays inventive with new-style dishes. Sinigang ($11), a made-to-order soup with a fragrant, sour broth, comes with milkfish belly, huge chunks of beef on the bone, and fat slices of jalapeño to balance the tartness. Baboy, aka pork, comes in many forms. The most exquisite is pinalutung na pata ($14), crisp deep-fried pork hock that is virtually greaseless. Have it with a side of aromatic garlic fried rice ($2.50). Inthaw na pusit ni Juan ($9) is chef Trinidad's nouvelle squid dish: grilled baby squid stuffed with small bay shrimp, at turns sweet and smoky."

Juan dela Cruz Asian Cuisine (J.A.C.), 713 Hickey Boulevard in the Fairmont Shopping Center, Pacifica, 650-359-4522." (Thanks to Todd Bray for the tip)

Wetness Protection: Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to revive the Bay-Delta and the rivers that feed it, including the Tuolumne. See our VIDEO on the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan. The site includes information on how you can help revive the Bay-Delta. Water users that benefit from diverting huge amounts of water from our rivers and the Delta at the expense of fish and wildlife, water quality, and recreation are out in full force, so we must demonstrate to the State Water Board that the majority of Californians favor a balanced approach that protects natural resources and economic interests.

Get More Information Here

Nils Lorenz Graduates from US Air Force Pilot Training

Nils Lorenz
The parents of Second Lieutenant Nils G. Lorenz (Terra Nova, Class of 2002) are proud to announce Nils' graduation from Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training at Columbus Air Force Base in Columbus, Mississippi. Nils is an officer of the 153rd Airlift Wing in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The graduation ceremony will be held April 5, 2013 at Columbus Air Force Base.

Nils has worked diligently over the years to become the best pilot he can be. His next posting will be at the Air Force Base in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Air Education and Training Command, where he will be trained to pilot the Hercules C-130 Airlifter.

Uke Lorenz