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May 30, 2013


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You were baptized at the Catholic Church by Fr. Duryea.

The slackers stood at the Adobe Shopping Center and Linda Mar Beach, Holding The Wall Up!

I've lived next to the quarry for 45 years. I remember they would blast with dynamite in the middle of the night. I was told they did it at night because it was illegal. I don't know if that was true, but I do know they did it late at night because there would be a big *whump* that would shake the bed and wake me up.

You remember the Rockaway Quarry was a working quarry, and they would blast dynamite, and every house in Rockaway shook like there was an earthquake. You remember that the Crespi School site was also a working quarry at one time.

You knew Sweeney before the ridge was named.

Good job, Alan, you made me spit my coffee!

You remember riding with the Indian Guides on a canoe on a truck in the Frontier Parade.

You gave Portola directions to Sweeney Ridge.

What brought me to this site was a search for the checkered frog . Very good , Tim Williams .

The lady let kids go in there . She would let us chew on the latest flavored rolling papers and let us trip out in the black lite room listening to beatles , stones , hendrx ... etc .

I'll chime in here ......

You played baseball at white field .
You rode on that goofy blue metal choo choo train on wheels and ate pink popcorn bricks .
You ate at the ' Vagabond villa ' .
You ate at the ' Long Table ' .
You can remember Danman's lodge on the point .
You went to Nick Gust's house trick or treating and he puts a $1.00 bill in your goodie bag .
You can remember Kenny Jones singing the Ajax laundry detergent song ... " ... it's stronger than dirt , stronger than dirt , stronger than dirt . " at a showing of Bruce Lee's enter the dragon when all the karate guys come out together in their white jammies at the sea view theater .
You can remember when the sea view hired twins to work the box office when they went to a twin theater .
You can remember Bob Wilkins public appearance at the fox theater.
You can remember the Duncan yo yo experts doing demos at the variety store in the Linda mar shopping center , with MUSAK playing in the speakers .
You can remember buying walnettos at Ernie's liquors .
Buying 5 scoops on one cone at thrifty drug store .
You remember the navy ship that beached by the golf course and was claimed by salvage guys under maritime law .
You remember judo class at the fire house on the point .
Movie nights at the fire house put on by Dave Campbell .
You remember the Pacifica ham radio club conducting civil defense drills ..... alien invasion .
You can remember the riot at the Linda mar shopping center .
You can remember the filming of the movie Harold and Maude with the car going over the cliff at Mori point and the crews removing the car with a helicopter .
You can remember the Wayne Cochran like rock group that played at the stage they set up at the Butler amusements carnival on Linda mar blvd. and de solo .
The Portola discovery hike that started on the beach by the Wander Inn lead by Don Quixote on his sway back mare .
If you can remember the Chinese new year celebration's at Willie Wing's Central food market with dragon dancers , fire crackers and tong drummers .
you can remember PBRD Saturday afternoon rainy day showing of the movie ' The Blob ' at Pedro Valley school .
The Beau Brummels playing at the muffin mine .
Bob Dylan hanging out at Shelter cove .
You can remember the oil slick .

Victor- Rockaway Hotel?

I reread Tim Williams' 7:06 PM comment at least a dozen times and must confess that I couldn't make heads or tails out of it. So on a hunch, I sent it to a good friend of mine who heads the Cryptography Department at MIT. He just emailed me back that likewise he was unable to break Tim's code. However, when he reads it out loud in a somewhat rapid cadence, his dog starts humping the furniture.

Yeah, we weren't so crowded way back when.

You remember buying Papa Burgers at the original A&W on Linda Mar Beach BEFORE it was Taco Bell.

I would be remiss not to add that the Checkered Frog was a very avant garde bookstore/headshop to we pubescent "edgers," the fountainhead of counterculture that we knew we were a part of, just not sure what it was.
And sorry, Butch, I never cared to be called "bro," man. Dig? Tried it out for a year or two (12-13 years old, and "partner" etc. just not coastal hip to me). Pretty standard fare elsewhere, though. Lingers here in Flake County, for instance, in certain downward spirals.

Anyone take a chance to grok "edgers"?

You bought your first pipe or Eastern philosophy treatise at The Checkered Frog, and the salesman wore a very fine dress.
You remember Linda Mar School, when it was just a row of new homes!
And you helped erect the Ferris wheel for the carnival and were told that you could either get $30 cash or the cashier would do something wonderful that a 14-year-old boy could only dream about. But went home greasier and sorer than you had ever been.
You'd hang out above the bowling alley and try to make out how the word "love" was spelled by the streetlights on Pedro Point.
You remember finding bright-colored red and green cellophane near a depression in the grass back at Mario's, after seeing parachutes come down after midnight.
And helped with a midnight unload from the trimaran on the beach at Sydlers, home from its trip to Mexico.
You remember the Wander Inn (stagger out) when the blue picture window behind the bar turned purple in the sunset and all the tables had red checkered tablecloths and Chianti bottle candleholders. And Maggie and Joe made everyone welcome or chased them off. Reed had a friend collect 25 cents on weekends to park on the north beach end, and the willows -- remember that?
And the north end road used to make it to Rockaway, till the quake of '57. And remember Ben's trading post on the edge of the road and hill, overlooking Rockaway Beach? You could see through the cracks of the huge ancient plank floors.
And 25 cents would also get you a parking spot at Shelter Cove,
BTW, banning beach fires (under the the phony auspice of state handicap rules was one of the most culturally criminal acts of any city council -- in my humble opinion. It was hard to call it home after that. Let me know if they return. I might, too.

I am wondering...trivia fans...what was the name of the 1920s/1930s motel that once existed at the Police Station site up until the 1980s. And the small motel that used to be on Francisco @ San Jose, and is now an apartment building, what was that called?

Your Boy Scout Troop had its own bus and the scoutmaster turned out to be wanted!

You played baseball on the fairway next to Fairway Drive. The outfielders had to watch for the golf patrol.

So many more to add.

You remember that Pacifica had 2 motorcycle clubs, (Coastside and PMA) and a motorcycle shop (D & D).

Pacifica had 3 car dealerships, Miller and Peterson, Yount/Middleton Dodge, and Ed Cordero Chevy.

You remember a school at the top of Fassler: Crespi School.

You caught lizards at Lizard Rock near the Boy Scouts.

You know where the hidden pond is.

So many more to add.

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