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Karma Comes to Pass on the Freeway

A very cool thing happened to me today on the freeway, one of those experiences you always wish for but rarely get to see. As I was coming off 92 and merging onto 280 northbound, the guy behind me swerved, passed on the right, and cut right in front of me really fast without signaling. I let it go: no gestures, no eye contact, no reaction. Seconds later, a California Highway Patrol cruiser came out of nowhere, passed me, and went after the guy. Two exits north, the CHP locked onto the guy, hit the flashing lights, and pulled him over. As I drove by, I mentally high-fived the cop. How satisfying is that!
John Maybury, Editor and Publisher

Unmarked Police Car Tags Speeder on Highway 1

Cynthia Luce recently saw a dark blue sedan chase and pull over a speeder on Highway 1. The only reason she knew it was a police car was the flashing lights in the rear window and the two uniformed cops who jumped out of the unmarked car (probably an undercover vehicle pressed into service). This was evidently part of the San Mateo County mutual-aid agreement that allows other jurisdictions to help Pacifica police with traffic enforcement. Drivers, beware! Slow down, signal lane changes, obey the law, and don't be a jerk.

The 80s: The Decade That Made Us

I just finished watching the National Geographic Channel series “The 80s: The Decade That Made Us” (DVD should be available online). Fascinating stuff. Take the story of Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov, the Soviet officer who “saved the world” by not launching nuclear missiles when his detection equipment sounded a false alarm. I had never heard of this incident. On the silly side, I also learned that David Hasselhoff (whose Knight Rider TV show made him a huge star in Europe) serenaded the crowds celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall.

John Maybury, Editor and Publisher

Hold the Mayo

A Peninsula masseuse is offering “mayofacial therapy” (supposed to be myofascial). Lisa Warns, who spotted this hilarious typo at the Foster City Jewish Community Center, says: “I should have known -- there is a mayo facial. A friend found ‘mayonnaise face mask’ on No thanks, I prefer chocolate! See “chocolate face mask” on”

Lisa adds, “And in case anyone asks what myofascial therapy is, here's the definition: deep tissue massage therapy that helps reduce pain, loosen adhesions and increase joint range of motion in specific areas.”

TV News on Trial: Heads Roll at KTVU Over Racist Prank

KTVU Channel 2 has fired three senior producers after the station mistakenly aired a racist joke about the Korean pilots of the Asiana airliner that crashed July 6 at SFO. San Francisco Chronicle columnists Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross commented July 24 on the firing: “Randy Shandobil, former KTVU political editor who left the station 2 1/2 years ago, because ‘people were working harder and harder and feeling less secure about what was hitting the air,’ said Wednesday the episode was emblematic of the pressure news reporters everywhere are under to get information out as quickly as possible. At Channel 2 and elsewhere, ‘People are overtaxed and have more responsibility sometimes than they can handle. And sometimes, in situations like this, terrible mistakes happen that are bigger than one person. It's systemic."

DUI Sobriety Checkpoint: We Knew When but Not Where

Alan Wald thought it was odd for the Pacifica Police Department to announce a DUI sobriety checkpoint July 26 at an undisclosed location. But Alan looked into it and found this in the law books:

"It seemed contradictory to me that police would announce the checkpoint but conceal the location, so I did a little homework. A California Supreme Court decision in 1987 (Ingersoll vs. Palmer) requires that 'police conducting a lawful sobriety checkpoint must provide advance notice of the roadblock to the public, although they are not required to disclose its specific location. Publicity both reduces the intrusiveness of the stop and increases the deterrent effect of the roadblock...'

But the most interesting part of the court's ruling for police conducting legal DUI checkpoints is this: 'Motorists who seek to avoid a roadblock may not be stopped and detained merely because they attempted to avoid the roadblock.' In other words, you are allowed to make a legal U-turn when you're, say, 50 feet away from entering a DUI checkpoint. Try it and see."

(For the record, we do not recommend doing U-turns on Highway 1. You could get a ticket for crossing the double yellow line.)

Government by Brochure: City of Pacifica Mails It In

Even as Pacifica city government whines about a lack of funds (have we ever seen a government that thinks it has enough money?), it prepared and recently mailed to all voters a campaign brochure supporting the new tax on the ballot.

Whether you think Pacifica has made real cuts or you think it needs the money more than do taxpayers, the matter of taxpayers paying for a big, slick campaign mailing is wrong.

Where was the appropriation for this in the city budget? When did City Council vote for this, and what did it cost? Why does the mailer omit essential information about the tax, such as how much we'd pay, what's being taxed, and how much would be raised? Would the revenue really be enough to fund all the city programs highlighted in the brochure? (Are we promised more than this tax can deliver?)

Campaigning with public monies hardly instills trust in our city government.


Puerto 27 & Nick's Get Good Ink in the San Francisco Chronicle

This was a good PR week for Pacifica restaurants. First, Puerto 27 got a great write-up by San Francisco Chronicle "Datebook" food reviewer Michael Bauer. Then Nick's was very favorably reviewed in the Chronicle "96 Hours" section. Find the reviews at or Riptide critic Juan Mayburrito says the seafood and scenery at both places are outstanding.

Help Keep City College Open (VIDEO)


Andrew Leone reports: "I was interviewed briefly on KPFA yesterday. They called me out of the blue. With no time to prepare, I tried to share some essential news. If you'd like to listen, the interview starts at about 02:38 on the media player (click link below):

The most essential points I can think of right now to tell folks:

1. City College is open and accredited, and it's time to register.
2. Class credits are transferable.
3. Quality of education is excellent and has never been an issue.
4. We are making good progress in reversing the unjust ruling by ACCJC.
5. If enrollment drops due to bad press and lies, classes will be lost for good.
6. We can win against the forces of austerity and save CCSF for the people.

Thank you for your support of City College!"