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Citizinvestor Crowdfunds San Mateo County Parks Foundation

Crowdfunding Public Projects

Citizinvestor is a crowdfunding and civic engagement platform for local government projects. We are in a new partnership with San Mateo County Parks Foundation. The foundation has posted three crowdfunding projects to Citizinvestor: an initiative to replace the fire rings at Memorial Park, three months' worth of funding for the popular Bicycle Sunday program on Canada Road, and an effort to help preserve the endangered thornmint plant. Citizens can now donate tax-deductibly to projects they care about, but their credit cards are not charged unless their chosen project reaches 100 percent of its funding goal before the funding deadline.


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Crowdfunding for a parks department that, over the past few years, wasted millions of dollars on bulldozing several miles of coastal trails into roads and paving or otherwise hard-surfacing them unnecessarily; that put multiple 5-ton-capacity metal bridges costing many hundreds of thousands of dollars on a coastal trail supposed to be primarily for walkers and hikers; that used heavy equipment to skin off a 25- to 40-foot swath of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve to construct an approved 8-foot trail (in the wrong location for the California Coastal Trail, according to state statute); that uses small bulldozers and multi-person crews to widen single-track trails in our county parks (including in the most natural areas) to widths three and four times what they need to be, thus destroying native vegetation, creating denuded ground invaded by nonnative vegetation, and creating erosion problems; that is putting in restrooms where not needed, thus creating perpetual, new, unnecessary maintenance costs and drains on local water supplies; that is wasting/will waste millions of dollars on new pavement and other artificial construction, and create several expensive, new permanent staff positions for the 1.2 miles of already-paved, abandoned road on Devil's Slide; that is wasting some of the Devil's Slide money on ugly cement K-rail lining the road while revving up a costly PR campaign touting the road's natural aspects; that is putting expensive interpretive signs in locations far from what the signs explain; that burns tens of thousands of dollars on administrative staff time every year or two planning unnecessary and destructive overdevelopment in county parks; that refuses to consider the total costs to taxpayers (state grants from bonds and other parks funds are considered free money); that refuses to consider the total environmentally destructive footprint of its park developments (resources and energy that go into park projects, much of which contributes to environmental harm far from San Mateo County); etc.? It is projects in such a county department that people should crowdfund due to inadequate existing funds?

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