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Consumer Alert: Suspicious Solicitors Posing as AT&T Reps?

Today two people wearing semiofficial uniforms and carrying clipboards knocked on my door claiming to be from AT&T. They said they were trying to confirm who lives here, etc., and wanting to make me aware that they were "working on the lines" and thus certain AT&T services were available to me. Oh really?

No AT&T trucks were seen and no AT&T work was being done in my neighborhood. I asked to see their IDs. One of them said he didn't have it and the other had a picture ID without an AT&T logo around her neck. I asked if they had business cards; they said no. I ran them off.

These people must be be third-party subcontractors trying to get unsuspecting homeowners to sign up for AT&T services, which you can easily get by calling AT&T or just going online. Don't give anyone who comes to your door any personal information such as your Social Security number. Don't even confirm any information they say they already may have on you. You never know what they may do with such information.

If they pressure you, close the door and call the police. I wonder if these solicitors have permits to work in Pacifica or if they are in violation by not having proper IDs and claiming to be from AT&T?

Linty Marr

(Posted by John Maybury, Pacifica Riptide, Pacifica, California)


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AT&T does door-to-door sales! AT&T confirmed that it does have door-to-door salesmen.

I'd still call the cops. :)

AT&T does do door-to-door selling.

Twice today, two "AT&T" reps holding clipboards knocked on my door. Opened the door on their second trip. They said they wanted to inform me of AT&T work to improve services and what services I used. Both were wearing light-blue polo shirts with an AT&T logo. Both were Caucasians in early 20s.

I was suspicious. I can't see AT&T spending the money having people go door to door.

We had someone supposedly from AT&T a few days ago. No business card. No automobile visible either. Doesn't seem plausible.

Companies should apply to the city and register, pay a fee -- before sending employees out to solicit Pacifica residents.

San Mateo County Sheriff Dept. issued a burglary alert via email to San Mateo County residents on Jan. 8. It includes the following: "If someone knocks on your door answer it – Daytime burglars like to knock on your front door and wait for an answer. If you answer the door, they provide an excuse that usually sounds suspicious.(call Sheriff’s Office) If you do not answer the door, they will make their way around the rear of your house and enter through a door or a window. Many times they just kick the rear door in, or smash the sliding glass door."
To read the entire Burglary alert, go to:

Alan Wald is correct, and I think there was a notice about this from the police a while back. AT&T is not doing door-to-door soliciting. Those are burglars casing your house to see if anybody is home.

I've noticed door-to-door consultants many times in the past 12-18 months, and I receive AT&T phone solicitations monthly to increase my services.

My impression has been that the door-to-door consultants are authorized subcontractors trying to secure additional customers or to entice current AT&T customers to additional services.

Times are hard, and residents must be cautious. I imagine door-to-door solicitors are met with suspicion most of the time.

I saw one in Rockaway yesterday and another guy walking up Linda Mar Boulevard. Maybe they were sales people trying to get you to sign up with AT&T and dump Comcast or the dish?

Linty, please rest assured that these two people were not trying to get you to sign up for AT&T services. They merely wanted to learn whether anyone was home before attempting to break in.

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