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Rumor has it that the person who received an offer from the city changed his/her mind.

And she's probably hiring a friend -- or staff is hiring a friend, or City Council is.

2011 was upside down: US Supreme Court Chief Justice salary $223,500 compared to Pacifica's City Attorney @ $292,367. Salary research (beyond local municipality pay structures) seems prudent for a small town like Pacifica -- before recruiting new civil servants.

We don't have a finance department manager, and haven't for almost seven years. Read the job description -- why isn't this called finance department manager? Probably for salary reasons.

Wait for it -- budget time.

City Manager position to open in Half Moon Bay:

As reported two weeks ago in the San Mateo County Times, city managers live high on the hog.

How the city will be able to pay for the position is a good question, but I don't believe the pay for the position itself is out of line. It requires specialized training and experience in human resources and municipal financial policy, among many other things. It's not the sort of thing you learn without a fair number of years' experience, and it's proper that the pay reflect this.

$13-15K/month -- plus benefits. That's health care and pension -- at a minimum. How will Pacifica fund this new expense?

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