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Highway 1 Widening Lawsuit: PSC Reply Brief to Caltrans and the City of Pacifica

PSC v. Caltrans

Above is the reply brief prepared by the attorneys for Pacificans for a Scenic Coast (PSC), Celeste Langille and Brian Gaffney. They prepared the opening brief, then Caltrans and the City of Pacifica filed opposition briefs, and finally the PSC attorneys submitted this reply brief. The hearing is Friday, August 22 at 2 p.m. at the courthouse in Redwood City. Judge Marie Weiner is hearing the case. She may or may not have a ruling at that time. She has 90 days after the hearing to issue her ruling.

Liars Dice Tourney Benefits Pacifica National Little League

Rick Bauman here. Some friends and I (we call ourselves the P-Town Punks) got together June 28 at Pacifica Moose Lodge to host our first annual liars dice tourney to benefit the Pacifica National Little League. It was a great success! We raised $40,000. And we had a great time. We got contributions from NorCal Surf Shop, Ash's Vallemar Station, Sharp Park Golf Course, Gorilla Barbeque, Nick's of Rockaway Beach, John the Sign Guy t-shirts, and the Bauman family donating two tickets to two different Giants games. All in all, it was a great time and Moose Lodge donated the use of its hall for the cause. Next year will come all too soon, so practice your little white lies!

Photo above: $400 check from the proceeds of the tourney. Rick Bauman (left) with Bill Hooper, vice president of Pacifica National Little League.

Possible Dog Poisonings Around Mavericks/Harbor Area?

Various posts on NextDoor and Facebook mention several dogs with poisoning symptoms have been reported at local veterinary clinics. The common thread is that all of the dogs got sick from something around Mavericks or Princeton Harbor. Veterinarians are checking with the harbor patrol for any further information, but dog owners are advised to keep their dogs away from these areas until further notice.

Pacificapedia: Local Wiki NOT Written by Bots

With the budget, general plan, and the San Pedro Creek bridge in the news lately, I thought this might be of interest to readers seeking more information about these subjects.

I've begun a SLOW reorganization of how the information is presented on Pacifica Index. I completed my goal of converting council, committee, and commission info into a more accessible format than what the City of Pacifica provides, but I find that it continues to be much more difficult to locate information on Pacifica Index than I would prefer.

To this end, I've begun building a wiki called: Pacificapedia

The material is searchable and includes data from across multiple city departments and sources, supplemented with my own research, analysis, and occasional on-scene reporting (snapping pictures and taking video with my camera phone).

(1) It's small right now. Like, really, REALLY small, but I thought it may be of use to some readers now. God knows how long this entire project will take, and if I wait until the entire thing is complete, the sun may burn out first. I've been trying to add at least one subject a week, but it's really slow going. So far, I have pages on the following subjects:

Budget, Annual
Budget, Mid-Year Review
City Finances
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
General Plan
General Plan, Housing Element
General Plan Environmental Impact Report
General Plan Outreach Committee
Junior Olympics
Linda Mar Boulevard Repaving
Local Coastal Land Use Plan
Measure A; "Transportation Tax" (June 7, 1988 & November 2, 2004)
Measure V; "Utility Users' Tax" (November 5, 2013)
Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department
PLAY Activity Guide
San Pedro Creek Bridge
Utility Users' Tax (November 5, 2013 Ballot Measure)

(2) The site is slow. It works, but it's slow. I don't know if this is my webhost or my database. Probably both. Things will get faster eventually, but for now the site requires a little patience.

(3) The site is "nonpartisan." Yes, I have my own strongly held views on issues, but Pacificapedia is not the place for them. Information and analysis only, here.

I'll continue to keep Pacifica Index up to date and continue to index City Council agendas on an ongoing basis. Please let me know if you spot any errors. If you'd like, in the comments below you can indicate which subjects you'd like me to tackle next on Pacificapedia.

I hope Riptide readers find Pacificapedia useful. I've spent a LOT of time on it and I'm pleased with how it's been coming along. Thanks for reading.

Editor & Publisher, Pacifica Index

Open Letter to City Council: No Sewer Tax Increase

I understand that Pacifica City Council will vote July 28 on increasing sewer fees 10 percent, with no clear notice provided to citizens, a 10 percent increase compounded annually. This is outrageous. After council just borrowed from the sewer fund, it is a big mistake to try to raise fees again only a month later. The City of Pacifica has already commingled the sewer fund with the General Fund in an attempt to circumvent a vote on increasing taxes.

Pacificans spoke loud and clear when they said they are against sneaky tactics to increase taxes. This is just sneaky, in my opinion. The wording on the "notice" printed in the Pacifica Tribune was misleading; nowhere did it state the amount or that this clearly is an increase. Very sneaky. This is not sufficient or proper notice to citizens of a fee increase. I believe there will be a lawsuit if council approves this burdensome increase. I urge Council to vote NO on this unfair measure. Here are council members' email addresses:


BioBlitz @ Mori Point GGNRA, Pacifica

What's a BioBlitz? Watch the video below to find out.
In this episode of Pacific Currents, host Steve Johnson interviews San Francisco State University Environmental Studies Professor Carlos Davidson about the National Geographic-sponsored 2014 BioBlitz that happened in the Golden Gate National Recreational Area (GGNRA), focusing on activities at Mori Point in Pacifica on March 28 and 29.

Watch the Video

New Darwin Award Winner: Hoist on Her Own Petard

According to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle (July 21), Danielle Saxton, 27, stole clothing July 11 from Morrie's Boutique in West Frankfort, Illinois, then posted a selfie on Facebook in which she wore some of the loot, namely a leopard-print dress. When the store owner posted pictures of the stolen items on Facebook, someone made the connection and dropped a dime on Danielle. Police arrested her and charged her with petty theft.


In lower Linda Mar near Marvilla Circle is a small corner "pocket park". It's not much, but it's clean and generally well maintained by the city. We in the neighborhood would like to keep it that way. To this end, if you recognize either of these two motorcyclists (above) as being your son, let him know that our neighborhood would prefer that he and his friend not drive over the sidewalk and through the gated entrance to do donuts on the small lawn there. Several families use this park and prefer that the grass not be torn up. Next time I see this poor choice of behavior (not the first time these motorcyclists have been a nuisance in the area), I'll call the police immediately. Thanks.