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Opinion: Fix Pacifica's Grapes of Wrath

There are two places that leave a lasting impression on a person: the United States House of Representatives and Fix Pacifica. The one is dominated by a collection of right-wing, self-congratulating blowhards, who, unable to accomplish anything positive themselves, instead meet for the sole purpose of pissing and moaning about everything under the sun. The other, of course, involves 435 federal legislators.

Ape Shall Not Kill Ape


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Yes, one would have to overlook quite a bit to support Eisenhower. I was kind of overstating my case a bit, but the basic assumptions about government's domestic responsibilities were better then. International agreements written by multinational corporations undermining ALL environmental and labor laws (such as the TPP and the other three secret agreements on the table now) would be quite properly viewed as treason.

I was never much of a fan of Eisenhower, who won the 1952 presidential election, because of Cold War politics during his administration that kept the country in an unnecessary state of angst and because of his role in setting the US up for the debacle in Vietnam. But I have to admit I softened on the guy after I saw the 2005 documentary "Why We Fight" a couple of times. Highly recommended (along with a whole slew of other well-conceived documentaries exposing the inadequacies and corruption of governments over the past ten years). Even Nixon, seeking to distract the public from the insanity Vietnam using environmental and health issues, looks moderate in some instances next to today's collection of Democrats and Republicans, who come off as two faces of the same political force.

The lesson is that people should seek government that gives them as much control over their lives as possible through the ballot box. With federal and all large state governments "owned" by corporations and the wealthy and bolstered by blind patriotism, racial loyalties, and religion, one can only turn to local, community-based government. Yes, of course, local government, supposedly free of official political party associations, is still frequently corrupted; but this is currently the only level with the potential to serve most people on matters important to their daily lives because voters can become acquainted on a more realistic basis with the people they are voting for and the bureaucrats operating the system. We can't all move to Vermont and wreck that place with overpopulation, too, so we need to be independent and assertive where we are.

Yeah, I have to say, I don't see a dem/rep split over there at all. Just a vastly different opinion in Pacifica's local body politic.
And I'd hate to see the infantile name-calling and insults that are so prevalent on FixPacifica spread to here.

It's a democratic process and this town shouldn't have it represented by lowest-common-denominator divisiveness. That's just feeding in to the false national narrative of blue state vs. red state. This country is better than that. Isn't it?

After reading the 1952 Republican presidential platform, I think I might be a 1952 Republican. They were far to the left of today's Democrats. The basic assumptions about what government is there for read more like Elizabeth Warren than today's mainstream Democrats do. Moderate Democrat today (after what is being called "center") has been dragged so far to the right that it is what we used to call right wing. What we call "right wing" today was quite rightly called "fascist" back when we had just finished fighting a war against fascism.

Haha, right wing? I've been a moderate democrat for 40 years as are most Fix Pacifica folks. Kathy & Steve identify as liberal leaning. Some of Riptides crew are just so far out in radical left field that even Obama looks right wing. Good luck with that.

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