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Our 17-year-old indoor/outdoor cat Manny didn't come home Monday night. My husband went looking for him the following day on the hill behind our house, and he found his collar and a lot of fur. We immediately suspected a coyote or some other wildlife was to blame.

My husband set up a webcam last night and captured footage of a coyote trying to attack a skunk at the water and food dishes (normally left out for the cat—we wanted to see if whatever attacked Manny would come back). The skunk scared the coyote off!

I wanted to pass it on that coyotes are now in Park Pacifica on Everglades bordering Grand Teton. In my 40+ years in Pacifica, we have never had this problem, and our indoor/outdoor cats over those 40 years have lived long and happy lives. We're now kicking ourselves for being so naive as to think it couldn't happen here.

I hate to think of anyone else's pets meeting their untimely end this way. For our part, I'm going to ask my kids to make and post some warning signs for the neighborhood. Thanks for your help.

[name withheld by request]


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People in general don't have to worry about wildlife, but pets do need to be protected. Wildlife is afraid of people.

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