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February 2015

Living with Mountain Lions

Mountainlion_565pxPhoto courtesy of Michael Macor, San Francisco Chronicle

Mountain lions have been seen recently at Milagra Ridge, Mori Point, Rancho Corral de Tierra, and San Pedro Valley County Park. Mountain lion expert Zara McDonald of Felidae ( visits community groups to discuss mountain lion ecology and how to safely coexist with these important parts of our natural ecosystem. For more information, please call Felidae at 415-229-9335 or email

Chinese Rocket Streaks Across Western Sky

The night of February 23-24, observers across the western half of North America witnessed a spectacular cluster of bright lights in the sky. It was the re-entry and disintegration of a Chinese rocket body. Coincidentally, a geomagnetic storm was in progress at the time and more than one photographer caught the rocket's debris cutting across curtains of Northern Lights. Visit for photos and more information.

Grammar School

Crayon box
After a hot editorial debate in our office about KQED-TV’s questionable on-air grammar (“KQED thanks our members”), I hesitate to throw another log on the fire, but today on the radio I heard a commercial that began: “Princess Cruises is celebrating our…” Please click the Comments link below to share your thoughts.