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April 2015

Pacifica Hummingbirds

By Leo Leon, Special to Riptide

Hummingbirds are very active now as spring is in full swing and Pacifica is abloom in nectar-bearing flowers, shrubs, and trees. Hummingbirds are joyful reminders of the little things that matter. These little creatures migrate annually: Rufous Hummingbird Migration Chart

Hummingbird on apple tree _DSC7418RTHummingbird feeding on bottlebrush plant_DSC8524RT_HWThree hummingbird siblings on a fountain _DSC8351RT_HWHummingbird on bottlebrush plant_DSC8592 RT(2)Hummingbird on fuchsia W_DSC7188_RT_PRLeo Leon photos

Ch-ch-changes Coming at the Pump

Dave & Lou's Valero for Sale

Better Business Burro buzzes about big changes in store for well-known local gas stations in Linda Mar and Fairmont. Think Slurpee with a fill-up. Stay tuned for details as they emerge. If it really happens, Caltrans and the city may need to add a new crosswalk on Highway 1 directly to the Linda Mar beach side, instead of the long way around via Denny's.