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UPDATE: Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

Boots on the Ground

Relief Efforts

7.2 Earthquake

ALSO: Over the past decade we have been supporting nonprofit organization SEEDS, where every dollar goes toward helping with education, health, or environmental issues in villages in Nepal. If you really want to help the people of Nepal, one of the best ways would be to donate to SEEDS. For more information about this fabulous organization of volunteers, please check out their website: SEEDS

Jerry Barrish & Nancy Russell

Pacifican Joan Bonzo Becomes U.S. Citizen

SFnara5-29-2015JBcropPacifican Joan Bonzo takes her oath of allegiance as a new U.S. citizen at a ceremony held at the San Bruno Public Library on May 29. Bonzo, a nursing student, immigrated from the Philippines, and is the first in her family to achieve U.S. citizenship. Like many Pacificans, she loves surfing and long-distance running.
The ceremony, conducted by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (San Francisco District) Director John Kramar, featuring Congresswoman Jackie Speier, was a kind of celebration. Back in 2009, in response to requests by community groups, USCIS undertook to prepare more than 2 million immigration files to be provided to the public for research purposes.
Previously, these files, each one commemorating the immigration history of one person, would have been destroyed after being maintained for 75 years. But they represent the rich history of immigration to Northern California, Hawaii, and Guam. As such, they’ll be maintained at the National Records Center in San Bruno. They’ll be made available for research purposes at the National Archives and Records Administration reading room, also in San Bruno, when they’re 100 years old.
Sharon Rummery
Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Department of Homeland Security
(415)248-8873 (Office); (415)987-0191 (cell)
Twitter @USCISMediaSF

Update: Is There a Picasso in Pacifica?

"If there is a Picasso in Pacifica, what is our responsibility to that kid?" asked S.F. school board member Rachel Norton in a front-page story in the San Francisco Chronicle, May 22. She was responding to a question about whether the school board should ban out-of-town kids from enrolling in the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts (SOTA), a high-demand public school in San Francisco.  (On May 26, the school board unanimously approved the ban.)

Wildlife in Suburbia: Close Encounters

Pacifica Police Press Release

Mountain Lion Attack on Pet (from a county sheriff bulletin): On 5-22-15 at approximately 3:00 PM, a Mountain Lion attacked a house cat on the street in the 400 block of Bridgeport in the Clipper Ridge neighborhood of El Granada. While the lion was not seen, the veterinarian who treated the cat confirmed there was no doubt the injuries were caused by a Mountain Lion. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the GGNRA have been notified.  Keep a close watch on pets and children during this time of increased Mountain Lion activity in the rural and semi-rural areas of our county.