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San Pedro Creek & San Pedro Valley Park

Planning Commission Okays Waterford-Monterey Development

Despite objections raised by neighbors of the proposed project, the Pacifica Planning Commission approved by a 6-1 vote last Monday night a proposal to develop a vacant parcel at the northwest corner of Monterey and Waterford (next to the car wash), with a two-story, mixed-use development consisting of 1,613 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and five (5) second-floor residential units, filed by Javier Chavarria on behalf of Miramar Enterprises.

The applicant is required to do a noise study, to see if available construction materials are available to reduce ambient noise levels from the car wash and Highway 1. If the developer is unable to comply with the standards to be imposed by conditions placed upon the permit, the developer must return to the Planning Commission for a further hearing. We do not know how quickly the noise study will be performed.

Alan Wald


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Finally! A narwhal palindrome! Pacifica palindrome lovers have been waiting years -- nay, decades! -- for this triumph!

In reply to Wm. Boyce: Random words that sequence the same forward and backward? You mean like "Slaw random mod narwals?" (Nah, too profound!)

I think palindrome lovers are waiting for one that might make sense in English, rather than random words that sequence the same forward and backward.

In response to thechamberdoesntmatter, palindrome lovers concur that Pacifica Planning Commission rubberstamping demands a reality check: "Zonal Pacifica Plan: Oz"

Rubberstamping Pacifica, no palindrome, not that any appear here.

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