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Linda Mar's Watery Past

Flood_1972_red_circleLinda Mar floodwaters. Scanned from Pacifica Tribune archives, October 4, 1972. Also in the Tribune archives: a similar flood photo of the same area on October 18, 1962. Photo courtesy of Margaret Goodale, who says: "Perhaps a bit more due diligence is appropriate when it comes to siting and flooding in this area." Note Dave & Lou's Texaco gas station in the background.

We Can't Afford to Keep Cutting Down Trees

Midcoast Design Review Agenda

Of the three new Midcoast houses proposed here (click link above), we see at least 16 trees slated for removal, nine of them described as "significant." I hope the new homeowners plan to replant trees, otherwise their fancy new houses represent a loss for the environment. Trees sequester carbon dioxide; houses and people do not. Simple math.

Prevent Oil Spills on the Coast

The Definition of Insanity

The May 19 oil spill near Santa Barbara was caused by the one oil pipeline in the entire country governed by the weaker federal law that does not require an automatic shutoff valve. Proper maintenance and an automatic shutoff valve would have prevented this spill from ever happening. Ask your U.S. senators Feinstein and Boxer to require automatic shutoff valves and proper safety systems for oil delivery pipelines.

Laurie Soca

Drill Team Swarms Valero Station




Very interesting that they're being required to drill a second set of core samples. First guy I asked said, "We're drilling water wells for the Valero Station." Second guy I asked said, "We're doing core samples for 7-Eleven."


Contractor's Motor Carrier Property Permit: BC2 Environmental, 2003-2008 ® 1150 W. Trenton Avenue, Orange, CA 92867 | 714.744.2990

So either the first samples showed inadequate results or a problem. Doubly relevant since the City of Pacifica is probably purchasing the residential-zoned Linda Mar Park & Ride lot from Caltrans sometime in the next 60 days.

(Story and photos by

Planning Commission Okays Waterford-Monterey Development

Despite objections raised by neighbors of the proposed project, the Pacifica Planning Commission approved by a 6-1 vote last Monday night a proposal to develop a vacant parcel at the northwest corner of Monterey and Waterford (next to the car wash), with a two-story, mixed-use development consisting of 1,613 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and five (5) second-floor residential units, filed by Javier Chavarria on behalf of Miramar Enterprises.

The applicant is required to do a noise study, to see if available construction materials are available to reduce ambient noise levels from the car wash and Highway 1. If the developer is unable to comply with the standards to be imposed by conditions placed upon the permit, the developer must return to the Planning Commission for a further hearing. We do not know how quickly the noise study will be performed.

Alan Wald

High Cost of Convenience: Unwelcome 7-Elevens

Tribune Story on 7-Elevens notes this "interesting statement" in the Tribune story: "Meanwhile in Linda Mar, Dave & Lou's Service Station is for sale. Acting on a rumor 7-11 may try and buy it, nearby Linda Mar residents made a preemptive objection to Planning Commissioners and City Council members during the public speaking portions of the meetings. So far, an application has not been filed by 7-11 for that location, Murdoch said." adds: "That is in direct conflict with the June 1, 2015 statement of the Pacifica planning director, who stated that the Dave & Lou's 7-Eleven location would be coming before the Planning Commission."