Red-Shouldered Hawk Rules the Roost
Mosquito Spraying Dates @ Sharp Park

Linda Mar's Watery Past

Flood_1972_red_circleLinda Mar floodwaters. Scanned from Pacifica Tribune archives, October 4, 1972. Also in the Tribune archives: a similar flood photo of the same area on October 18, 1962. Photo courtesy of Margaret Goodale, who says: "Perhaps a bit more due diligence is appropriate when it comes to siting and flooding in this area." Note Dave & Lou's Texaco gas station in the background.


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1959 Chevrolet sedan? Sorry, I don't have a guess on the model.

Then the Bay Area received snow!

Interesting information about this storm:

"Rocket 88" is considered by many to be the first rock 'n' roll record. It was recorded in 1951 by Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats (actually Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm), with the original fuzz tone guitar (created by a damaged amp), Jackie Brenston vocal, Ike Turner on piano, and honkin' sax solo by Raymond Hill.

Oldsmobile Rocket 88?

@Bigbanker, I agree, that photo seems earlier -- not a 1964-1972 era car in the bunch.

Woman's outfit also seems to be early Sixties. I assume she was wearing a pair of mother-of-pearl butterfly sunglasses.

@Alan Wald

That photo might be from 1962. The cars look too old to be 1970s.

Plus, before Dave & Lou's moved across the street, it was where the now-closed Denny's is. The totaled vehicle in the photo, say palindrome lovers, is a Subaru Durabus that failed to meet the promise of its name.

Can anyone name the totaled car at the left shoulder of the woman being chauffeured in the chrome chariot?

My first instinct was 1957 Chevy Bel Air Sport Sedan. It was wrong.

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