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Terrible Typography: Roofied, Not Ruffled

"6:05 p.m. Citizen Assist. Individual at Police Department wishing to talk to an officer regarding scam that is going around where people are passing out employment flyers and when girls show up for the interview, they are being ruffled and shipped off for prostitution." (Pacifica Tribune, June 17; from Pacifica Police Department Log on June 10)

As Alan Wald suggests in the comments on this thread, either the police department or the newspaper meant to say "ruffied," not "ruffled," possibly a reference to the date rape drugs known as "roofies." Or an even less sinister scenario is suggested by yours truly, who finds that the Tribune's typeface (font) may have contributed to the confusion. Click Comments below to follow this thread, and perhaps you will also discover how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

SF to Cut Down 15,000 Trees in Sharp Park

4-lake-and-trees-in-sharp-parkJustin Shields from Linda Mar North posts on the neighborhood blog for Park Pacifica: "Just read about the plan by San Francisco Natural Areas Program (which actually owns the trees behind the archery range and golf course) to remove 15,000 trees and use pesticides to keep them from coming back. This is all in the name of removing non-native species that have existed here for centuries and have many benefits. Worth a read for anyone who values our unique landscape."

Endangered Forest

Petition: Save the Trees

P-Towners Liars Dice Tourney Benefits Pacifica Resource Center

Rick Bauman and his extended group of friends The P-Towners recently held their annual liars dice tourney at Sharp Park Golf Course, raising $220 for the Pacifica Resource Center. Four winners received prizes and t-shirts. The golf course provided food. Local businesses (Gorilla Barbeque, Nick's of Rockaway, Ash's Vallemar Station, Paisano's Pizza, NorCal surf shop, Rick Bauman Floors, Bill Hooper family) provided donations to help the cause.

Linda Mar McMansion Diverts Stream

Peter Auditore from Vallemar posts on the Park Pacifica neighborhood blog (lightly edited for clarity):

Diverting a Stream to Build a Mansion? Yes, in Pacifica: While out at open houses, we stumbled upon the mansion in Linda Mar at 1600 Perez. What a palace. The only disconcerting thing about it is that they diverted a natural stream to build this place and it's not an intermittent stream, either. This is an obvious and blatant violation of wetlands protection. Destruction of the riparian habitat along this stream has to be addressed by local, county, state, and federal agencies. The owner put a rubber culvert in to replace the stream in the middle of the meadow. So might I ask all of you on this site, including the social media manager: Who approved this mansion on the stream for this construction company? This property is owned and maybe built by Mcelligott construction company. Walking into this place is like walking into the Venetian in Las Vegas, and to be honest, I don't think anyone has ever even lived there. Something really smells here on this property, and it must have been approved by—guess who?—San Mateo County and/or the City of Pacifica. Check out the links; you won't believe it!