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June 20, 2015


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I think I am catching on.

Does this work?

Eat, Oyster, Eat!


Only in the pita breads with lots of Skordalia!!!

B.B., slow down and smell the souvlaki!


They gave me a finance degree and I never liked math!

11 years and counting for lil banker to take over!

Seriously, you and my friend Jenny would correct my grammar to the point that I would try to stop and read my messages again, make corrections and have someone else proofread. Most of the time, I send out messages so quick, and never stop to take a minute and read them.

Big Banker has a list of things he is good at, and a couple of areas he lacks in.

Going back to the Greek word Magga, which means someone who thinks he knows everything, or huge ego, won't listen to anyone else, never values anyone's opinion.

Back to law school, B.B. Several cases have been decided over the years because of bad spelling, bad math, or just plain old bonehead mistakes of logic and common sense. Thank god for sharp-eyed judges who know their English and their arithmetic. It takes both to be good.

Big Banker, here's a palindrome that isn't over (your) pay grade:

The only redeeming quality about the 7-Eleven store proposed to replace Dave & Lou's Valero on Linda Mar Boulevard, say Pacifica palindrome lovers, is its street number: "505".

You guys make it seem that by slightly putting letters in the wrong places while spelling is as important as wrong numbers in the wrong columns in banking.

Like it could cause problems like $4 million being unaccounted for.

Okay, back to work, all of you!

Alan, thanks for clarifying. When I examine the newsprint edition, I see that because of the typeface (font) used, the dot over the i may be hidden by the overhanging f, thus making ruffied look like ruffled. Bad typography!

The error occurred at the Pacifica Tribune. The Pacifica Police online media log for June 10 states that the girls were RUFFIED -- not ruffled. We don't know if the reporting citizen used the word or if the police officer was paraphrasing. My suspicion is that the Tribune reporter was unable to discern the meaning of "ruffied" and assumed it was a typo for "ruffled" as though the girls were roughed up.


I try to understand your palindromes. They are witty but still over my pay grade!

Now we are passing a new previously undiscovered level of scumbagness! Ruffies, roofies, aka date rape drugs.

The police June 10 log entry actually quotes the reporting individual that the girls are being ruffied -- not ruffled. Most likely the citizen was referring to "roofie" or "rufie" -- that is, alleging the girls are given the so-called date rape drug Rohypnol, then being shipped off for prostitution.

BTW, Pacifica palindrome lovers believe the girls are being taken to Tulsa whereas, "Tulsa nightlife: filth, gin, a slut."

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