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July 23, 2015


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Sorry to say, the kid's family should pay.
Might be a lot, but they should have considered that before letting him out unsupervised. Truth doesn't always rhyme.

Oops! Fire retardant, probably ammonium phosphate, being used. Known toxicity to fish and probably toxic to other aquatic animals with high environmental sensitivity, such as frogs. The stuff is mostly used in fertilizers. Suspected toxicity to some plants, and fertilizing activity may boost growth of non-natives over natives in burned areas. There is a current debate as to whether aerial retardants actually reduce the spread of wildfires.

After being challenged by the FSEEE, the Forest Service came out with a new policy forbidding use of retardant within 300 feet of streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, etc., unless human lives or property are at direct risk. Though the USFS was not involved, were there such risks in this fire? Was the retardant dropped close to the pond in that area?

Disturbance of the drought-reduced ponds and already stressed animals in them for firefighting water when the ocean is right there?

Of course one wishes to nip fires in places like this as quickly as possible, but one also hopes there was a cool adult head considering questions like those above directing the effort. Was there?

Thanks, Butch, for confirming that. I would hope the same, but these days, ya never know.

Sharon, I was at the course and they did fill up from the pond several times. I was told they also filled up from the ocean as well with another chopper.

As for an infraction, I would hope that the safety of homes and people would outweigh any endangered species regulations.

Are you sure they used water from the pond? Last time there was a fire in that area we were told they used ocean water. Wouldn't dipping into the pond be an infraction of endangered species regulations?

These choppers were so low they buzzed our house! Great reporting, Riptide!

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