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July 22, 2015


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With today's announcement that Grocery Outlet will open December 10, it will be interesting to see how Linda Mar Safeway reacts. Linda Mar Safeway implemented its costly renovation that coincided with Fresh & Easy's opening, which I think contributed to F&E's early demise. Watch for the Safeway store to implement another round of shopping enhancements by the end of the year.

7-Eleven's Steven Oliver recently stated that the 7-Eleven purchase contract at 505 Linda Mar Boulevard expired in late September, and the company would not be renewing it.

We're waiting to confirm that with Pacifica Planning Director Tina Wehrmeister, who earlier confirmed that the 7-Eleven at Dave & Lou's would be coming before the Planning Commission.

According to Dan Stegink on Nextdoor, 7-Eleven's purchase contract at Dave & Lou's timed out and will not be renewed. 7-Eleven is staying out of Linda Mar.

"This City Council would put a Kmart on the beach and pretend it was a winner."

The Planning Commission would also put a Kmart on the beach and call it a winner.

The 7-Eleven at Linda Mar and Highway 1 -- which the Planning Commission will approve (past performance is the best predictor of future performance) -- will be more visible than stores in Pedro Point and Linda Mar, and because of that it will draw business away from both shopping centers.

The former Truth is NOT going to be part of Grocery Outlet. Devil's Slide Taproom is in the process of turning that space into an expanded dining room.

Cheesy, I'm happy to see any business go in that vacant space, especially one that generates sales taxes. And an alternative to Safeway that's close to home is a bonus.

Grocery Outlet is opening Thursday, December 10, 2015.

All 17,000 square feet of the former Fresh & Easy (11,000 sf) and the Tattoo Shop (6,000 sf) will now be Grocery Outlet.

Some folks try to exercise a bit of knowledge and critical thinking, others find it easier to let the big business-government semi run over them before they acknowledge its presence.

No store exists that could open there and not have the readers of this blog complain about it.

Closer is the Grocery Outlet at 125 Hickey in South San Francisco. I pass it on my way to Costco.

This City Council would put a Kmart on the beach and pretend it was a winner.

I had the same impression as Dan yesterday while visiting the Grocery Outlet at the bottom of Hickey Boulevard @ El Camino.

A good measure of quality selection at a supermarket is its organics:

In fresh produce, almost nil. In packaged goods, G.O. maintains a small section it calls "Nosh" -- a disorganized assortment of discontinues and other organic goods soon to reach their shelf life. The prices on these items were very low.

I would urge anyone who finds himself or herself in the vicinity of the Grocery Outlet on Geary Boulevard at 27th Avenue in San Francisco to stop in and take a look around. I did just that recently and, well, I was shocked! It was some type of blend of a rundown market and a Dollar Store. Added to the mix was a canned message over the intercom in a voice that sounded like a cartoon character.

Not to be snobbish, but whatever Grocery Outlet brings to Pacifica, I hope it is much better than what I saw at the Geary store. To be fair, I also recently visited the Safeway store by Ocean Beach and found it to be so filthy that I chose not to shop there. Too bad, as it was once the premier Safeway in the City. Maybe it's the fog? Oh, we have fog, too, so perhaps it's just poor management at that location.

I drove a carless friend to shop at the Grocery Outlet on 27th Avenue in San Francisco. I was surprised to find that it was not without organic produce. It has less than Safeway, but it has some.

Fresh & Easy did a wine tasting event with the Firestone guy. I think he was on one of the Bachelor shows also.

But yes, wine tasting was part of the Fresh & Easy plan.

Along with filling beer & ale growlers, which never took place.

Grocery Outlet officially filed its permit applications 12 days ago on August 3, 2015.

Fresh & Easy had a tasting license and it would typically attempt to transfer all licenses. If opposed, it could negotiate one down, but the property is worth more as a rental with both ABC licenses, and possibly it was a condition of the lease that it apply to keep both.

Applicant is 7-Eleven's Katy Schardt of Compass West, curiously enough.

Maybe they plan to have product reps offering samples. Costco and Trader Joe's do it.

Unscrew cap and chug. End of lesson.

"Instructional Tasting?" That's on the ABC tag; does that mean wine tasting, or what? The SSF store has lots of wine -- lots of weird dumps of old stuff and some bargains -- but I haven't heard that they hold tastings.

It is much easier to just pretend the cascade of loss isn't happening. There's a reason they call it inconvenient truth!

I am so glad Grocery Outlet is opening in Pacifica. For all of those who are downing it, calling it Ghetto, you could not be any more incorrect. They carry many great brands and have the biggest, most affordable gluten-free department. Go to Safeway or Whole Foods and price Gluten Free. Grocery Outlet, welcome! So I hope you do stay away. More room for those of us who appreciate saving a buck.


Deep breaths! Hold and exhale.

Repeat as necessary!

Quality food. It's so much easier to bike to a decent vendor than drive anywhere for cheaper food products!

Cheaper food product, one example from over the hill: farmed salmon.

But is it really cheaper? Are the pollution, algal blooms and resulting dead zones, and added antibiotics in the fish really worth the cost?

If we were billed for the true cost of farmed salmon, we would learn it's much cheaper, easier, and safer for everyone to remove the dams on wild rivers and restore wild salmon populations back in our streams, back in the ocean -- where they belong.

Oceans create half of all the oxygen on Earth:

Oceans store excess carbon dioxide we've been spewing from coal plants, cars, and transit systems, etc. (to a point, water is becoming so acidic in places that it creates dead zones):

Algal blooms create massive economic and environmental problems:

The sea around us is our life around us. Shop accordingly!

Personally, I think there will be plenty of shoppers there for the same reason folks are willing to drive over the hill to Costco and TJ's. Folks are always looking for a deal.

This could be a good thing -- Safeway (soon to be Albertsons) has been jacking up prices ever since Fresh & Easy closed. And the number of products with palm oil seems to be increasing. Probably not a correlation there, though.

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