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July 21, 2015


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If it's on the west side of Highway 1 (Linda Mar or Sharp Park), will it need a Coastal Commission permit?

Like this idea, but if it is going to be at the beach, I think the timing is wrong. How about 2 to 5 p.m. or locate at the Community Center parking lot, not the beach. The traffic was horrendous yesterday and today. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. is peak time for our beach and going through Devil's Slide to the Montara side.

At first glance, having food trucks at the beach sounds like a fun idea, but when you take a step back, problems arise.

First is that the beach parking lot is not underutilized on Saturdays, and in fact there is a lot of spillover into the Pedro Point Shopping Center on the weekends.
The resulting impact on the restaurants in the mall will be twofold: They will lose parking for their customers and they will ose vital weekend business to what amounts to unfair competition. (The food trucks would not have overhead costs such as sewer tax that the brick & mortar restaurants must pay to do business in Pacifica.)

Allowing the food trucks to cherry-pick the most profitable time and place to do business might create a situation where our long-term businesses that have invested in Pacifica would fail, while the food trucks would profit.

Pacifica Planning Commission votes on this Monday, July 20. I guess that's the outreach Stadler is referring to in this promo to the folks in -- Chico?



She hit the nail on the head. Thank you, Laurie. And in case you missed her post, here it is again:

"The new hires and Tinfow just are not coastal folks." Never thought of it that way, but now it makes sense. All the new hires are not residents of Pacifica, nor were they ever.

Seems at best they have "less skin in the game" -- less buy-in to any outcome of their work here than those of us who grew up here and who are committed to staying; at worst they will place their own views and values on this foreign shore (to them) with little or no input from, or understanding of, people whose heart, soul, and life decisions are part of the fabric that makes Pacifica unique and (still mostly) scenic.

Posted by: Laurie Soca| July 18, 2015 at 04:40 AM.

Can I Get an AMEN.

This didn't help traffic today (Saturday)

7/18/2015 2:09:32 PM (33 min)
FS72 North County Fire
Show icons for all incident types. Traffic accident pd request c2

Saturday afternoon traffic report on the radio: 45 minutes from Francisco Blvd. to Linda Mar.

There was a food truck event at the bowling alley/Surf Spot parking lot. That's an open, underutilized space on Saturday mornings/afternoons with a very coastal orientation, and it would not impact Highway 1 traffic, city services costs, or beach use. It could also bring more business to the Rockaway commercial area.

"The new hires and Tinfow just are not coastal folks." Never thought of it that way, but now it makes sense. All the new hires are not residents of Pacifica, nor were they ever.

Seems at best they have "less skin in the game" -- less buy-in to any outcome of their work here than those of us who grew up here and who are committed to staying; at worst they will place their own views and values on this foreign shore (to them) with little or no input from, or understanding of, people whose heart, soul, and life decisions are part of the fabric that makes Pacifica unique and (still mostly) scenic.

It is a nice idea, but Linda Mar Beach isn't the same as being parked under a freeway overpass in the city. The little photo projection is cute but completely unrealistic and shows there is a great lack of understanding of our community. The new hires and Tinfow just are not coastal folks and if this is their great idea, I don't think they ever will be.

After raising the parking permit price 27 percent in one year, now the town wants to take highly coveted and utilized parking spots away on a weekend. Which genius on our City Council believes this is a good idea? Send these trucks back to SF, or have them set up in a different "underutilized" area!

"Muy yum!" -- Pacifica palindrome lovers.

Love the creative idea, but this is not an underutilized area. Many if not most attendees will need to drive to this location, and will need parking.

How about the area by the pier?

Hmm... "underutilized space"? Are we talking about using part of a packed parking lot on the weekends that is generating parking fees for the City of Pacifica? Wonder if the city has calculated how much money it loses by not making those spaces available, whether it is parking fees or lost business because people leave for lack of parking?

I agree with previous comments regarding the bridge and traffic needing to be addressed first. It's an interesting message that the city manager is sending to Taco Bell and to the two nearby shopping centers. You aren't drawing in enough business, so we are going to bring in outside businesses that may compete with you to generate monies for the city. I think the city needs to take a look at the Rockaway farmers market and talk with the merchants there about how they are impacted by a similar situation before jumping into this.

Senior staff must LOVE traffic problems. The only "DUH" factor I see is taking up half the parking for an expected crowd during a specific time on a weekend day. There is also the time it will take to set up and clean up, which extends the parking lot's inaccessibility to those desired crowds during that specific time period every weekend. For example:

The area would need to be roped off the night before to ensure the food trucks have space to set up that isn't already claimed by our vibrant surf community. On a good Saturday, that lot is full well before 9 a.m. Second, around the time actual out-of-town beachgoers normally show up, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., the lot will be not only full but un-navigable. That means either the crowd will be already surfing or unable to park and so will just pass the whole food circus on.

I think it's a fun idea; we've all wanted some sort of concession stand or its equal at Linda Mar Beach, but a fleet of food trucks taking up so much space? At the very least there should be a trial period of perhaps six weeks to two months before any real negotiating begins or long-term promise is made. And during that period each food truck should pay a minimum of $200 each to offset lost parking, policing, and cleanup. During the trial period the city could (hopefully) have a better idea of the cost of this "installation" and evaluate it rather than just going WHEEEEEEEEE!!

I read all the linked files. Off The Grid has its marketing materials together. But it's all generic and I don't see anything specific to the location except for the map of the food trucks taking up half the parking lot. The proposal (click on the Plan link) says, "Our concept is based on the idea of using open, underutilized space to create a place for people to meet while focusing on chef-driven small businesses." After all the city went through to create paid parking at that lot, to think of it now as underutilized space and eliminate paid parking on a weekend day throughout the year seems contradictory and self-defeating.

But if each food truck pays for a business license like all other local businesses, and Off The Grid pays a substantial fee to the city for use of the parking lot (as well as the city's share of sales taxes), it might make up for eliminating the paid parking and cover the costs of additional city services that will be required for the event, such as police, ranger, public works, etc.

Looking forward to this happening but would like to see the ongoing and post-event cleanup details spelled out clearly.
Also, be sure this happens well clear of the snowy plover habitat.
I read a more thorough article stating that live music will be included. Again, be sure the amplified music is directed away from the bird nesting area.

How hard is it to go shopping with the city's money? Surely the economic development director cares more about local businesses than she's letting on.

Maxine has a good point. A food truck beach party every Saturday at Linda Mar sounds like a wonderful idea. But everybody knows what the traffic jam is like every weekend day, largely due to the bridge project and the detour. This event should not be approved without a clear plan for managing traffic and parking. It's a state highway, so anything that changes the traffic pattern or alters the highway in any way will have to be approved and implemented by Caltrans. That will take some time. Without a specific plan to manage traffic and parking, this event is potentially a cluster truck waiting to happen.

@Maxine quickly identified that left-hand turn going north being a chokepoint that will probably require two police there directing traffic, as the preliminary event map shows a U-shaped layout in front of Taco Bell with open beach parking still open to the north?


Absolutely delay this until the bridge mess is gone! And even then, think long and hard about parking solutions and signage throughout the area while the parking-spaces-reducing event is going on.

What a (bottleneck) idea. It appears that Anne Stedler and Lorie Tinfow have not driven down Highway 1 to Linda Mar Boulevard on a Saturday recently. This plan will not only create a traffic and parking nightmare, but it will become a massive safety issue. Numerous traffic accidents will occur unless a traffic light is installed on Highway 1 protecting the cars trying to exit the "Beach Party" going north by making a left onto Highway 1; as well as protecting the cars traveling north on Highway 1 entering the “Beach Party” that have to make a left. I think the “Beach Party” plan should be delayed until the construction of the bridge is completed.

I think an influx of new visitors will ultimately end up benefiting local restaurants. After all, we are talking about people willing to travel for good food. While they may initially come for the trucks, once they see the myriad other fantastic options also available in the nearby areas, chances are good they will either stop by while they are here (I can see people wandering over to La Playa or the Tap Room for a drink after filling up on duck tacos!) or return to try the local spots on a different day.

I join Pacifica.city in thanking Anne Stedler for this creative, fun, family-friendly idea. Keep them coming!!

Historically, Off the Grid has put on really high-quality events, and having booked food trucks for events, something like this would typically involve the City of Pacifica, guaranteeing a certain revenue level and paying the difference.

Don't know the specifics, but it would be common for a city to pay an ever-decreasing amount for six months as a regular event took hold and eventually paid for itself.

Commenter "Great idea, but" is right, though. Traffic (as well as trash) will, of course, require some management, including some sort of obvious direction of beach overflow (as the parking lot will be full of food trucks) to the Linda Mar Park & Ride (I assume).

Personally, I'm excited for this event and glad to see the new EDD Anne Stedler is bringing some POSITIVE attention to Linda Mar. We need it.

They typically have burgers as well, but I highly recommend the Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich from Bbok Sam and the Duck Tacos from Kung Fu Tacos.

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