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Please note that the photos and links in this post are from 2015 and do not apply to the current project, which is being discussed now in 2020 on Riptide. This also applies to attached comments.

This is one more example of deception by propaganda by the opponents of the Vistamar Development project. It is unethical to lie and mislead the public this way.

The elevations are not of the current design approved by the Planning Commission. The Coldwell Banker website is not the website for the project. The preliminary title report is not current and does not reflect the ownership of the property. All of these documents are from 2015, are out of date, and not relevant. The personal attacks on Javier Chavarria are disgraceful.

Have you no sense of decency? Where is your respect for facts and truth? You should be ashamed for misleading the public this way.

Why, thank you, Big Banker. My husband asks if we can take that to the bank?


I looked at your site. Nice. Clean. Professional. Good work.

The Big Banker Seal of Approval

Right??? I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted reviewing his plans and I keep finding more and more errors the city planners miss. At least we got them to agree not to let them cut down any trees until the project actually had a building permit this time. Something was learned from the Harmony @ 1 fiasco. Public hearing is currently scheduled for Vista Mar for October 19. I encourage you to stay involved and speak up.

Not a very professional website for an engineering company. Plus the company was involved in "scandalous" developments around town: Harmony @ 1. The mixed-use building where the Holiday Inn expansion is currently under way. The Assisted Living Center behind Park Mall.

Okay, people: Am I the only one aware of the countless projects JC has started and not even come close to completing? Every single project this guy has a hand in never gets done. Where does all the money go? What happens to all the land? How many more times does the city have to waste time and tax dollars on empty promises? Really? Come on, man. Let’s concentrate on things like the 150 campers and RVs lining our streets. Not to mention bad street conditions! Wake up.

I am an architect and a new neighbor on Monterey Road as of 2019. I and a group of about 20 neighbors, collectively known as the Vista Mar Preservation Alliance, are fighting this project (same basic layout as this one in 2015). It is currently scheduled for the Planning Commission hearing next Monday, October 5. We are very concerned about erosion and landslides. If anyone has information about earlier submittals, I would love to speak with you. My email is

No, Tom, it is part of the study session proposal, just part of it. So I guess we are both correct.

As I recall, Chavarria reneged on virtually all the Conditions of Approval for "Harmoney" @ 1 and the City Council said, "Aww, OK." Harmony @ 1 is visible from Pedro Point, Linda Mar Shopping Center, Pacifica State Beach, Mori Point, top of the hill Highway 1 in the north, Sharp Park Road driving east or west, the hills west of Skyline -- everywhere.

Harmony @1 has scarred the hillside, destroyed wildlife habitat -- and there are not even any houses to show for it. Instead of a LEED Gold Standard project Pacifica could be proud of, there's an erosion-prone, ugly mess.

There's no excuse for it -- clearly City Council was so blinded by greed that it could not and did not assess this project for what it was -- and now Pacifica is branded with one of the biggest SNAFUs on the coast.

The developer took more than a year "negotiating" COAs he never intended to carry out -- and council, willfully ignorant, didn't call him on it by having the Planning Dept. follow up with the developer early in the process. If it had, it would have seen that Chavarria did not know and was not planning on implementing LEED Gold Standard.

Will voters support a council that condones this destruction of Pacifica?

"Hahaha, we had a study session 10 years ago for this very site. It was discouraged because of the site's difficulty and public safety."

Well, you need to be spanked until you see that it's all about money; nothing more and nothing less. Our City Council majority sees that; why not you?

He's also the Chavarria currently developing the condominium/retail property at Monterey & Waterford, next to the car wash.

Looks like an unsafe location -- heavy erosion likely.

Isn't this the same Mr. Chavarria who agreed to some 70+ Conditions Of Approval on the "Har-money" @ 1 project -- and then failed to honor that agreement -- including his own suggestion of LEED Gold Standard?

Uh oh, same developer as Harmony @ 1. I guess Javier is having a field day with these Canadians. Good for him, take them for all they are worth before they go bye bye.

Todd, I believe you are mistaken. This site is on Monterey Road where it swings right toward Manor Drive, across the street from the little playground and just down from the last house on the left side of Monterey as you go up the hill.

Is this the same project?


Hahaha, we had a study session 10 years ago for this very site. It was discouraged because of the site's difficulty and public safety. If you are driving up Monterey and make the left at the top that becomes Hickey, you will see a cliff. If the residents above this proposal don't kick up a fuss, they may be sliding down onto Monterey Road soon after.

I know the two most radical planning commissioners will gleefully approve this, no questions asked, just fawning platitudes.

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