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December 2015

Manor Post Office Missing in Action

I wonder if the city would do Pacificans a favor by nudging the U.S. Postal Service to repair the Pacific Manor post office, which has been closed for repairs for more than two months. The easily overlooked van is sometimes open for business. Patrons have to wait in the winter wind and rain to do business there. The hours of the van are not posted, and even a postal employee didn't know the hours when I asked. The van was closed four days in a row last month. After three attempts to mail my packages there, I gave up and mailed them from Daly City. The postal service has given no indication when or whether the building will be repaired and open for business again.

Bill Collins

Caltrans Dithers on Highway 1: Unfinished Bridge Job Endangers Public Safety

Will Caltrans ever complete the San Pedro Creek bridge project on Highway 1? This thing has dragged on for months now, and it doesn't look like anything is happening out there anymore, with guardrails and shoulders still unfinished and El Nino storms on the way. It's now a critical public safety issue. After all the excitement about finishing the bridge on time, then a premature grand opening, and now this sloppy, slow anticlimax. Talk about your postcoital dysphoria! What the hell are the coneheads waiting for? Will it take deaths and injuries to spur them to action? Everyone should call Caltrans and the City of Pacifica to demand speedy completion of the bridge project.

Saving Moss Beach's Vallemar Bluffs: Overflow Crowd @ MCC

Photo by Cat Cutillo, Half Moon Bay Review

An overflow crowd attended the Midcoast Council meeting December 9 to comment on a proposed development on Moss Beach's Vallemar Bluffs. Read this Half Moon Bay Review story (November 4) about the plan to build six houses on the bluffs. If you have ever walked along the trail there or sat on the bench gazing out at the ocean, you should be very angry about this proposal, which includes cutting down 40 cypress trees. The bluffs belong to the public, not private homeowners. STOP PAVING PARADISE!

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