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Volunteer in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) right here on the coast. Trail Keepers enjoy a flexible, family-friendly schedule, regular exercise, outdoor learning, and skill development. Trail Keepers collect information for the National Park Service Trail Crew and maintenance and natural resources staff, and share park history with visitors. Call 415-561-3068 for information on Trail Keeper orientations and volunteer opportunities. Explore other GGNRA internship and volunteer opportunities year-round, including the Coastside's four national parks (Mori Point, Milagra Ridge, Rancho Corral de Tierra, and Sweeney Ridge), plus San Francisco's Ocean Beach and The Presidio, and Marin's Muir Woods. Projects include planting, weeding, mulching, beach cleanup, and trail maintenance. Register online at Parks Conservancy. For information, call 415-561-3077 or email



Every Friday night, the bowling alley presents Astro Bowl, a multicolored laser show with musical beats from the DJ, along with video screens that will have you moonwalking up and down the shiny lanes. It's entertainment for people who yearn for the club scene atmosphere—without the club. From 10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., Fridays, off Highway 1 just south of Rockaway Beach and Fassler Avenue in Pacifica. Call 650-738-8190 for information.

San Diego Freeway Carnage: 13 Wrong-Way Fatalities in 2015

Caltrans Takes Action

Drunk drivers entering freeway off-ramps in San Diego caused 13 fatalities last year. Now Caltrans is moving to prevent these horrific accidents (click link above to read the story). After two such deaths on Highway 1 in Pacifica last year, isn't it about time for Caltrans to fix the poorly designed and signed on-ramp/off-ramp combinations at Milagra/Manor and Sea Bowl Lane on northbound Highway 1?

Pacifica City Council Rejects Rent Control, 3-2

Caltrans Caulks Bay Bridge Leaks

S.F. Gate Story

Caltrans says it has stopped some 90 percent of water leaks causing corrosion into the east span of the east span of the Bay Bridge -- with $100,000 worth of industrial-grade caulk to the joint between the asphalt road surface and the guardrails. Lisa Fulton, a Berkeley corrosion expert, said she is encouraged that Caltrans appears to have gotten a handle on the water problem. “Maybe they got something right this time — but we will have to wait and see.” (See the full story at the link above.)