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January 06, 2016


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We don't need whole new interchanges. How about signs and posted police officers -- or automatic cameras? Perhaps it will function as a sort of ATM deposit feature for the county, even as lives are saved.

Maybe I missed it, but I expect the City of Pacifica to call on Caltrans for changes to stop this from happening again.

I'm not a traffic engineer, but surely there are ways to make Highway 1 safe so motorists can't enter the highway in the wrong direction.
We should have zero tolerance for this.

Another one.

Would be helpful to have a speed limit sign on Highway 1 somewhere on the northbound hill. Many are in a big hurry. It's like a race. I've asked Caltrans to put up a speed limit sign but am not holding my breath. There are regular accidents there, too.

I disagree, Laurie. If you look at that offramp, there are signs either side right on the intersection to warn you, but nothing else. If there were additional signs farther south (wrong way -- turn around), two lives may have been saved.

One time I was driving down Sharp Park Road and an elderly lady was driving up the wrong way. She'd turned left after leaving the lookout. Everyone stopped and got her turned around, but it was a lesson that you can never have too many signs to warn people. It's not just drink drivers; people can and do get confused.

No one knows for sure if the wrong-way driver was impaired on Christmas. We should not assume he was at this point.

No redesign can help impaired drivers. Preventing impaired driving is a better approach to stopping DUI.

I have been googling Joebel and Pagarigan and filtering results to the past 24 hours. Not a single post about this individual. Where is the outpouring of grief? Something smells fishy.

The wrong-way driver has been identified as 23-year-old Daly City resident Joebel Pagarigan, according to the San Mateo County coroner’s office.

The Nissan Maxima (Uber) driver may go unidentified in the media, whereas he survived. I'm willing to bet the police have figured out who the Corolla driver is but await forensic proof from the coroner. I'd also guess neither driver is a Pacifican or else we would have heard through the grapevine or from readers of Riptide/Pacifica.city/NextDoor, etc.

Just curious if anyone has heard if the driver of the Toyota Corolla going the wrong way on Highway 1 has been identified. Only the passenger in the Uber car has been identified publicly.

I agree with Citizen4700. How long do we keep making excuses for those impaired while driving? It doesn't matter how clear a sign is or how straight a road is. If you're wasted or high, your ability to drive is going to be impaired, hence it is illegal. I don't understand why people think it's okay to drive under the influence and kill innocent human beings and then blame the city for not enough signs. Sadly, seems like Pacifica city officials should be working on more DUI checkpoints more frequently and just be out more frequently at night not just New Year's Eve and 4th of July. I am not saying it won't ever happen again, but there's a better chance of fewer DUIs with more police force out rather than improving signage. Years ago there was another drunk driving accident by the golf course in Pacifica and there is still a memorial there today for those who died. It was two teenagers. It doesn't matter if the road was less curved and there were more signs; driving wasted is driving wasted, and your chances of making it home safely without crashing are slim, IMHO.

This is not the first time that this has happened from the Manor off-ramp. Years ago there was a drunk driver who did something similar, killing herself in a head-on collision. How can that be "engineered" out of the highway? If the person is blitzed, signage may not be seen, no matter how large.

I think it's about time that city, county, and state (Caltrans) transportation engineers look at the two dangerous, outmoded offramps/onramps on northbound Highway 1 at Manor/Milagra and at Sea Bowl. At both locations, it is far too "easy" for a driver (especially an impaired one) to mistakenly turn left into the northbound lane. Better signage would be a start, but both interchanges really need to be reconfigured to help prevent future accidents.

Sad. I can't imagine the poor families who had to receive the phone calls about their loved ones. I hope this is not another Ana Reepen story, where alcohol is involved. Very sad for all those involved.

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