San Diego Freeway Carnage: 13 Wrong-Way Fatalities in 2015


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Just the facts, ma'am.

My, my, sensitive, aren't we?? Lecturing we don't need.

There's confusion if anyone thinks there are "locations" (plural) we're discussing.

I don't think there's any confusion about the locations we're discussing.

Just for clarification, folks, 2212 Beach Boulevard is the old sewage treatment plant site and currently the City Council chambers. The site is bounded by Montecito on the side and Palmetto at the back, so the treatment plant site is both at 2212 Beach Boulevard and at the corner of Palmetto and Montecito. The current Sharp Park Library is a few paces away from the corner of Palmetto and Montecito and across from the old treatment plant site. I'm not taking a position about the library here. I'm just trying to clear up both my own and anybody else's confusion about where the site for the new library is. It's the Palmetto and Montecito corner of the old treatment plant lot, and 2212 Beach Boulevard is at the Montecito and Beach Boulevard corner of the same lot. Got that?

Here's a myriad of historical documents on the library.

Every single one of them identify the parcel as 2212 Beach Boulevard:

(Download the zip file then unzip to show all the individual documents.)

The distances are accurate, as is the parcel address.

1. San Mateo County's asset inundation maps show this parcel to be underwater in a variety of circumstances.

2. State GIS maps show this parcel in the tsunami inundation zone also:

3. San Mateo County's Coastal Storm Modeling System shows this parcel to be flooded.

Simply and definitively, the new library will have to change locations.

The site for the new library is across the street from the Sharp Park Library at the corner of Palmetto and Montecito. It is not on Beach Boulevard.

The new one is even closer to the approved proposed project, with the underground garage on what is currently a dirt lot at the north end of Beach Boulevard. If I remember correctly, it comes up for renewal in March at the California Coastal Commission level.

The new sinkhole on Beach Boulevard is about 1,350 feet from the planned new Pacifica Library at 2212 Beach Boulevard.

The original sinkhole on Beach Boulevard is about 1,030 feet from the planned new Pacifica Library at 2212 Beach Boulevard.

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