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January 13, 2016


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Highway 1 at the Manor/Monterey exit going north there is a lot of debris on the strip when you exit. You can see the papers only as you exit the freeway. It is an area that needs a lot of attention. Also, is there a cleanup crew for the Pacific Manor district? The only one I saw was at Mazzetti's on Saturdays.

A huge thank-you to Coastside Scavenger for hauling the trash without charge to the Beach Coalition. I'm really surprised that no one has ever mentioned that Coastside does this for free at every beach clean-up day.

I was one of the many volunteers at Coastal Cleanup Day today! I would like to say Congratulations and Thank You to Lynn for organizing another successful event today! The pile of garbage collected by all was huge! It was so nice to walk along Beach Blvd. afterwards and not see any cig buts or food wrappers, etc.

Thank YOU Lynn!!!

Dear Lynn,

What an excellant idea. Your new idea about picking up a garbage bag at the farmers market will accomplish two things; 1) get me to the farmers market (I have never been) and 2) pick up trash at my leisure. I like the way you manage. You are never negative and always thinking of new and exciting ways to clean up Pacifica. Excellant!

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