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February 2016

Pacifica: City in Crisis

Perfect Storm

Bankruptcy in Paradise?

Creative Accounting or Stonewalling?

The City of Pacifica is at loggerheads with the California Coastal Commission over the Pacific Skies estates development plans and evictions. The city also is coping with widespread blufftop erosion, storm-damaged or demolished apartment buildings on Esplanade, displaced renters scrambling for housing, Beach Boulevard sinkholes, a storm-damaged seawall and fishing pier. And to top it all off, the beleaguered, bewildered city wants to build a new library a short block from the surging Pacific Ocean. Oh, and at the same time, the city is asking the state and feds for emergency relief funds to repair all the damage. Who's in charge of this circus?

Feel the Bern!

Pacifican Ronald Berger (above, right) attends a Coastsiders for Bernie Sanders volunteer planning event in Half Moon Bay, February 24. Leading up to the California Presidential Primary Election on June 7, the volunteers will manage "Come feel the bern!" information tables at Coastside shopping centers and also at high-profile Coastside events such as the Earth Day celebration on April 22 and Pacific Coast Dream Machines at Half Moon Bay Airport on April 24. (story and photo by Alan Wald)

Vice Squad, HMB

The Half Moon Bay Review (February 24) police log reports a transient emailed nine photos of his genitals to an acquaintance, who filed a harassment complaint against him. And a woman reported a man masturbating in his parked car while watching her. When police questioned the man, he said he was just scratching an itch.

Ballpark Burger Busters

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers may be a minor league baseball team, but their stadium eats are in the major leagues. This season, the team is embracing the appeal of the over-the-top stunt foods and will give fans the option to pound pizza-wrapped burgers during the game, according to Fox 11. Who needs popcorn and hot dogs when you can just eat a heart attack? While the item is called the Meatlovers Pizza Burger, the name wholly undersells it. The burger features not one, but four beef patties that are wrapped in in a pepperoni, bacon, and sausage DiGiorno pizza. One burger will cost you $22 and likely 5 years of your life; although, it might be worth it considering it gives you the chance to feast on two of greatest junk foods in one sitting. The stadium has a history of offering over-the-top burgers and is bringing back its Big Mother Funnel Burger which features funnel cakes for buns.