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Say NO to High-Density Housing & Traffic

F3674170-b838-43b9-8fd3-7ed4e034ecf3-1Midcoasters jammed Farallone View Elementary School in Montara on March 16 to say NO to MidPen Housing's high-density project, and YES to creating a new Montara Point Park. As if Highway 1 traffic weren't bad enough already, multiply MidPen's proposed 148 units times the typical number of vehicles per unit, and that gives you some idea of the transportation nightmare this would create on Highway 1. MidPen aims to develop a vacant 11-acre lot bordered by Carlos, Sierra, and 16th streets (between Moss Beach and Montara). In the photo below, you can see where Carlos and 16th streets spill into Highway 1, the scene of many traffic accidents over the years.)


Neighborhood group Resist Density (email asks residents to email MidPen representative Felix AuYeung at and San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley at Also, please join the effort to turn this scenic hillside into Point Montara Park. Click the links below:

Let's Make a Park

Tell Supervisor Horsley

HMB Review Story

MidPen Developer

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