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New Restaurant

A Japanese restaurant with the unpronounceable name Uoyakutei has moved into the old Prime Dip/Boston Bill's/KFC site on Highway 1 at Rockaway Beach, where the weeds had grown as high as the roof. We wish them luck, and maybe Alan Wald will have some fun with their name. Grand Opening signs are up on the building now. Please review the food and service, then hit the Comments link below this post to share your review. Keep it friendly but honest.


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I live down the street, so this replacement of the horrible "Prime Dip" and occupancy of that space is welcome. I actually have eaten there a couple of times, one on their opening night, then again for lunch over the weekend. My feedback is that the sushi itself is very good, well prepared and attractively presented. The big knock I would give them is that the service on both occasions was poor. I am hoping that they just tweak a few things to make good customer service as important as endlessly staring at the point-of-sale terminal and shuffling the stacks of order tickets it generates.

If it doesn't work out, maybe a KFC would work at that spot...

So glad they are moving in; there is such a lack of Japanese restaurants in Pacifica! #sarcasm

It may come as no surprise that "uoyakutei" is Japanese for "high turnover restaurant space."

P.S. Let's hope the new tenant can find his own restaurant (see map): https://www.facebook.com/Uoyakutei-japanese-restaurant-485889118269138/

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